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SPARX Entertainment | E3 2018 Coverage

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It has begun!

The annual video game tradition known as E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has begun with Electronic Arts holding their press conference this past Saturday. The big gaming company unveiled the sequel to many prominent titles, some new content for pre-existing properties, and brand new titles. However, with the new content, we learned about yesterday, the schedule and bulk of what’s going to be released in the next few days will begin on June 10th.

In any event, we will be more involved than other times. So we want to announce that our coverage for the 2018 E3 event will be covering all new games and hardware that each gaming company/studio has to offer. Our love for games is one of the reasons Sparx Entertainment exist. So our writers, J. Johnson, Sean Wall, UkNO, and The Average Player will be the ones providing the articles and we hope you enjoy the content as well as the events coming up.

For our coverage of E3 2018, here are the games below:

Press Events/Schedules

Considered the most important time of the year for the video game industry the E3 event will host 60,000+ attendees with demos, play booths, and special events on the show floor along with 2,000+ developers. Prior to and during the event, there are various conferences held by every major developer showcasing some of the year’s big releases. Below is a list of the upcoming conference with their show times and live stream links.

Electronic Arts have already revealed their upcoming titles along with some extensive content for existing games. Video games such as Anthem, Unravel Two, FIFA ’19, Madden ’19, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefield V were announced. Extensive content for Star Wars: Battlefront II gave fans something they’ve been wanting since its release, The Clone Wars.


Credit: Entertainment Software Association


Microsoft @ 1:00PM (PST) – Xbox Twitch Channel

Bethesda @ 6:30PM (PST) – Bethesda Twitch Channel

Devolver Digital @ 8:00PM (PST) – Devolver Digital Twitch Channel


Square Enix @ 10:00AM (PST) – Square Enix Twitch Channel

Ubisoft @ 1:00PM (PST) – Ubisoft Twitch Channel

PC Gaming Show @ 3:00PM  (PST) – PC Gamer Twitch Channel

Sony @ 6:00PM (PST) – PlayStation Twitch Channel


Nintendo @ 9:00PM (PST) – Nintendo Twitch Channel 

We will be updating this page for the next week as the reveals and news begin to come out. So please, stay tuned!

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