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Conducted by J. Johnson

A king is a ruler, a dominate force that leads with an iron fist given the situation. In music, there’s those that have proven to be kings and queens in their own rights. As they’ve cultivated a loyal fanbase that even when a song is terrible they will appreciate it for the essence of effort made to make the best song possible. It’s admirable, but when you can criticize with respect the same goes with the response given. When it comes to KING MARZE, no he’s technically a king, but among his loyal fanbase, he’s a great artist. Even those outside the spectrum of that fandom for his music there’s the support of him producing more music in the future.

Perhaps the future of KING MARZE’s music will be defined by the dedication and hard work put into it. Maybe his music will surpass the expectations of the critics he has today. Whatever the case at hand, KING MARZE has one thing going for him, a future for his music to grow or just disappear. The choice is his and his alone, but don’t forget how you elevate in the music industry. DEMAND!

Recently, there was an “introductory” article from last year entitled “MARZE or KING MARZE” where we mentioned how his influence on anime shaped some of his songs. We personally get to know the king for who he is. A man with not only loves the Japanese culture but has something to prove to himself and those who tell him that he’ll never succeed. It’s an honor to be here with the man himself for this fantastic interview. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the “MARZEanime“.


Johnson: Given this is our first encounter, tell our readers what’s your name and where you’re from?

MARZE: KINGMARZE, born in Atlanta, Georgia, Raised in Stone Mountain GA.

Johnson: KING MARZE. It’s interesting because, I’ve never heard of that name before as it kind of reminds me of something, but where does that name derive from?

MARZE: The name KINGMARZE actually came to me in my dreams. The dream consisted of me touring with my brothers and It felt like we were putting on the last show of the tour. It was sold out, and whatever venue we were in, had at least 5,000 people in the crowd. And in the midst of everything, I heard the crowd legit chanting “kingmarze”. At first I was puzzled and was trying to figure out exactly whom they were cheering for. Until I noticed that everyone in the crowd along with my mother; whom I spotted in the crowd; were all pointing at me.  Even on the actual headlines, I had seen KINGMARZE plastered everywhere. After that moment, my team and I put on one of the illest show ever. It was definitely something that I want to make come true. I wish I could remember how everything sounded as well. I do recall unreleased music and out of this world tunes…

It was a dope dream and will always be a fond memory of mine.

Johnson: You obviously have a fascination with Japanese culture, given some notions you rap about and depicted in certain photos. When did that happen? And why?’

MARZE: I really grew up on Japanese culture growing up. From anime, to manga. movies, sound and art. The culture just really amuses me.

Johnson: Anime is something widely appreciated globally, but what kind of impact does that have on you as a fan & rapper?

MARZE: Anime really impacted my life, especially during my younger years. I feel that a lot of the shows and stories have such depth. The art and work put in is just beautiful to me. As a rapper, I just like to rap about everything, and anime is one of the big topics that I like to target in my verses. I wouldn’t consider myself and all around “anime rapper”. But more as an artist who just loves and values anime.

Featuring: KING MARZE

Featuring: KING MARZE

Johnson: You probably got this before, but who can you say has influenced you through the time you’ve been rapping? And what about those influences helped shape yourself in music?

MARZE: My influences throughout my times as an artist/ producer definitely come from back in the day. I’d like to think VH1 Soul, MTV Jams and my Parents for constantly having dope music playing on the family television screen while I was young and growing.

Big influences are Pharrell, Kanye, Big L, Doom, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Outkast, Tyler The Creator and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Johnson: Has your family been a support system as you develop your talent?

MARZE: They definitely have been.

Shoutout to my brother @MichaelPhenomJr who I feel is going to be one of the biggest producers to go down in history. My Mom and Dad definitely supported and watched me as I perfected my craft more and more. My younger sister Kozma; who’s also very talented; and supports me, big time. Sooner or later, the world is going to know about her as well. Love all of them to death. Can count on them for anything.

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