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E3 2018: Fallout 76 – Reclamation Day Has Arrived!

Credit: Bethesda; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Todd Howard finessed us with a multiplayer Fallout tonight!

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J. Johnson

Are there literally any words left to be said about what we just saw from the “#1 Publisher in the World“? Yes, there is as they revealed a lot of new gaming content that will be an amazing addition to any console for any player across multiple genres. Now with this aspect of adding new games that can be played throughout various consoles for multiple players, Bethesda has revealed more details about its upcoming Fallout game, Fallout 76, confirming that the title is an online-only multiplayer experience arriving on November 14th, 2018.

Although the new game does will focus on playing the game on a solo-basis, the developer does stress that core component will require you to be involved in building a base with friends, cooperating to take down unique creatures, and working together to fend off hostile enemy players.

During the Bethesda event, we got a look at some new gameplay, where you could see the interior of the abandoned Vault 76 and the remnants of what looks like some type of celebration. A celebration that literally is like an underground training camp for those who survive being held in the vault. Bethesda says, the new game is set in the timeline prior to all the earlier games and will be using different lighting techniques to enhance the open world while highlighting some of the details that lie within the world of West Virginia.

Another reveal we got about Fallout 76 is a little instructional video from its fictional Vault-Tec showcasing some of the actual multiplayer combat and exploration. Bethesda assured fans that even if you die in the game that doesn’t mean you lose all your gear and it looks like being aggressive against other human players might result in a bounty placed on your head. The developer also teased an interesting piece of hardware many will definitely use throughout the game, nuclear missile sites scattered across the map. These sites can be used by you and friends to arm your base with and wipe out the other human players.

Bethesda Studios game director Todd Howard said the company will be conducting a beta for Fallout 76. Although he did not give a time window or platforms for the beta. The beta will be “run” by Vault-Tec, the company that constructed the vaults in Fallout’s fiction, as the “Break-it Early Test Application.


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