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“A Brooklyn Tale” Featuring, Danny Limelight | Presented by, SPARX Entertainment©

"A Brooklyn Tale" feat. Danny Limelight | Designed by The SPARX Team

Conducted by, J. Johnson

On behalf of SPARX Entertainment we want to send a special thank you to Srgt. Danny “Limelight” Rivera for his continued service in the Marines. It’s an honor to have him officially a part of the SPARX family, but most importantly an honor to have him by the side of many strong men and women protecting this country.

– DeShawn J. Ellis (CEO/President of Sparx Entertainment)

The state of New York has so much rich history for famous landmarks, figures, and historical events since inception. There’re many moments such as WWE (formerly known as WWF) hosting multiple events in The Garden, the construction of the Twin Towers, and now many others are trying to build a legacy for their own. There’s the new Freedom Tower resurrected from a day that will live in American history forever, Tier 1 Wrestling/W.O.W. making their presence known on the independent wrestling circuit, and from Manhattan to the five boroughs we had the distinct opportunity to get to know a piece of the rich history of New York making a name for himself. He’s originally from Brooklyn, NY, but now resides in California. We hope you got your cameras ready for he’s prepared for all eyes to be on him. This is the tale of Danny Limelight in a ‘Brooklyn Tale’.

It’s been a long time coming. My name is Danny “Limelight” Rivera & I was Born & Raised in the Southside of Williamsburg Brooklyn. I have a huge support system. I have a huge family that always supported everything I got into from sports to the Marines, to coaching the youth & wrestling. I have friends that have made every show & friends that never been to one but still share my events and pictures from the events. The Limelight Entourage (as I like to call it) is in full effect. Honestly, I thought it would always be dope to be a Pro Wrestler just never knew how to get into it. My favorite wrestler was The Rock & it was his electricity that made me want to be a Pro Wrestler. I debuted on October 11th, 2014 for SoCal Pro.

The Rock was my favorite wrestler growing up & I was also a Huge Randy Orton & Edge fan. My wrestling style doesn’t really resemble them but my charisma & my cockiness kind of resembles Randy Orton when he was the “Legend Killer”

Limelight in SoCal Pro | Photo credit: Original owner(s)

Limelight in SoCal Pro | Photo credit: Original owner(s)

My career has been all about exposure. Wrestling the big names and doing my best to look good in front of the Cameras. I’m the Social Media God, Mr. Get Ya Cameras Ready & when that music hits & I’m in that ring face to face w/ my opponent my main objective is to beat him & if I come up short I want to look good doing so.

Well, I debuted at the Rumble in Oceanside & I was super nervous. But when the music hit & I stepped through the curtain I felt the electricity. I was supposed to be a heel but the fans were cheering for me because I was a new face to the company. My first singles debut match came about a month after in the Main Event of a house show for the Golden State Title against Mike Camden. I hit the curtain they wanted to cheer for me again & I just made them hate me. It was amazing.

First of all, I want to thank Mr. Marquez, Yuma, Angelo & the rest of the staff at CWFH. They reached out with an opportunity and I couldn’t say no. I was always told this business was about Opportunities & Seville (Gino) knows that too. It was a no brainier for us to team up & do our best to take the tag Division by storm. Our Charisma, personality & ambition is identical & I think it shows when we are in front of that Camera together.

Yea, I had a blast in my singles run to date (still not quite done with it yet) one of my favorite matches would have to be my match w/ Douglas James at FCW Halloween Super Show. I have also had many matches w/ SoCal Crazy (who was also my trainer) & I had a fun match w/ Evan Daniels. It’s really always a thrill ride for me no matter who I’m in the ring with.

From left to right (Danny & Gino) | Photo credit: original owner(s)

From left to right (Danny & Gino) teamed up in the CWFH promotion | Photo credit: original owner(s)

Working w/ Gino is amazing, he’s been in the business for a while & I am learning a lot from him. I am having a blast in the tag division and we are just now starting to hit other promotions in California as a team as a family & It’s working out really well. I don’t think either or suits me better than the other but I am happy wrestling in the Tag Division & there are a lot of other great tag teams out there Id like to wrestle before this roller coaster comes to a stop (if it ever does).

I am still currently in the Marine Corps. I have no intentions of getting out anytime soon. But everything I have learned so far sits in my tool box. Ok so I been in the Marine Corps almost 7 years now. Time flies. I joined when I was 17. Went to Bootcamp in Parris Island South Carolina & from there I completed my combat training (was a distinguished graduate) got orders to Japan lived there for 2 years. In that time frame I was able to deploy to countries like Australia, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia. Then I can to California on orders in 2012 been here since. I am currently a Sergeant. Man just meeting all these people from all over the country to me is amazing. Men & Women who before the Marine Corps I wouldn’t even drink a beer with now the people I’d jump on a grenade for. Visiting all those countries learning about their ethics their morals & beliefs. Their customs. The world is a huge place and there is so much change that needs to happen. I love being a Marine & I am forever grateful I was able to join & have great leaders & mentors guide & mold me to the man I am today. Yes I wanted to get promoted to the Rank of Sgt (which I am) & become a Drill Instructor. (Only the top 10% of the Marine Corps get to do that) & I’ll be on my way to become one soon. Every other short term goal I have set in the Marine Corps I have completed. My long term goal is to retire in the Corps & achieve the rank of SgtMaj (E-9) so we’ll see haha.

Sergeant Danny Rivera | Photo credit: Original owner(s)

Sergeant Danny Rivera | Photo credit: Original owner(s)

There’s a quote by Ronald Reagan that goes “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. But, the Marines don’t have that problem”. I am honored to be a Marine. Every day when I wake up, shave my face & put this uniform on I know I am making a difference and that’s all that matters. It’s very similar to how I feel about being a Youth Sports Coach. I love mentoring and inspiring those young kids are the future & if I can make a difference w/ them too then that change I talked about earlier just may happen.

You know I don’t really know. I wish I could see the future. I just hope things go well. I give my all in everything I do. Whether it’s being a father to my daughter, being a Marine a Coach or a wrestler I give my all & I just hope everything pays off. There is only 86,400 seconds in a day & I do my best to use as much of those as possible. I hope in the future some of those seconds are spent at the top of the CWFH tag division w/ Gino. I hope maybe some of those seconds are spent at a WWE Tryout or at ROH or Lucha Underground & at the end if it doesn’t at least I can look back at footage w/ my daughter & show her that I chased a dream & made zero excuses. It’s all about setting the example. That’s something the Marine Corps taught me.

I just want to thank everyone. Even though without your support I would still be grinding hard & networking to be where I am today but you guys have been there since Day 1 & it is you guys who make this all the more worth while. So thank you very much & just know There would be no Limelight Entourage w/out each & every one of you.

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