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We’ve been honored to have the pleasure and work with a few future prospects in music, entertainment, and other media outlets. Although this is just the beginning we will continue to bring you compelling forms of entertainment in out journey to greatness. So here’s a few testimonials from a few individuals we’ve worked with. Thank you.

Thank you Sparx Entertainment for your ongoing support and for giving me visibility with this feature!  It means a lot to me to be recognized like this and I appreciate you building my credibility!  Super grateful! xoxo        

– Mickey Elliott

Live and love ferociously all the things you do in life. Be fierce and fearless.    -Whitney Tai


Well, this has been great! And I am most graciously thankful that Sparx Entertainment has chosen to feature me. The Collective will be up and running in 2015! Curating great things take time, so please be patient with me for great things will soon come! 😉 Peace & Love,  

-Don James

I just want to thank my Family and all my homies back home for supporting my dreams. Shoutout to all the people I’m working with these days. Shoutout Melrose, Ques, and C-Rob. Thank you to anyone who’s rocking with me, and fueling my hunger to keep moving.  Thank you Sparx for this opportunity to show the people what I’m about. God Bless  


I can’t wait for many things to come in the future, and I’m more excited to see where the future of music goes. Thank you guys at Sparx Entertainment for letting me come on and share some things about myself! Thank you guys for all the support you’ve been giving me! Check me out at: @officialjackel

Hear my music at:


– JackEL

Shout out to all of our supporters, family/ friends, Rhythm Nation, Flight Club, The Local Experiment, and of course Sparx Entertainment!! -YNMK

(To the fans/Sparx Entertainment) We love you, and appreciate you. We promise that this is just the beginning; we’ve got a lot more work in store for you.

– Tribe Chillin

Thanks to everyone who is reading and thanks to Sparx for having me, and that I have new Flow soon, I promise I’ve been working real hard trying to give you the best listening experience. “Hamsterdamn” coming soon..#StayCool


I just wanna give my thanks to DeShawn and the whole team at Sparx for rockin with me for a whole year now. Y’all the first actual team other than my own to really put your faith in me, and I’m nothin but grateful for that. Shoutout to everybody back home, and all y’all who support what I’m doin’. I hope I make y’all proud with the future I have planned in this music. I just wanna say Rest In Peace to my Homie Will, who recently passed. You were one of the first to support me, we gonna go crazy for you bro. Anyone interested in my music, let me know man. That shit keeps me movin’. Thank y’all again.

– Coldkid

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