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E3 2018: Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Cringeworthy, Mesmerizing Reveal

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Hell has arrived in the form of the undead.

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During the PC Gaming show at E3 2018, those in attendance got a glimpse at some gameplay for the new The Walking Dead game from publisher 505. This version of The Walking Dead game is a far cry from Telltale’s The Walking Dead as it delivers a more heart-pounding survival experience. The video provides a little gameplay and some brutal moments from lots of zombie dismemberment and an assortment of weapons that can be used to fight the undead.

In 2014, Overkill’s The Walking Dead was first announced with a slated release date in 2016 before being delayed into 2017. It was only postponed again to 2018 in order for the developers to add “more content” to the game, which is pretty fair.

Overkill‘s adaptation is a four-player co-op shooter that follows the story of four survivors, the doctor Maya, the fighter Aiden, the outdoorsman Grant’ and the “hardened scout” Heather. Each character has a different role in the game as players must work together to complete various missions and to simply survive the zombie hordes that await them in their journey.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Overkill’s The Walking Dead video game which due for release in the United States on November 6th.


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