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SPARX Entertainment 2014-2016©

SPARX Entertainment 2014-2016©

Entertain. Talk. React.

Entertainment. Promotion. Advertisement. Photography. Video Production. Graphic Design

Sparx Entertainment is a news/promotion company established on August 8th, 2014, by co-founders DeShawn J. Ellis and Nick Posanti they’ve vowed their time and services to establish the talents of tomorrow as well themselves. Using a dynamic system to innovate the promotion process, Sparx Entertainment intends to grow themselves with the support of the fans.

As our mission is to deliver the upcoming stars of tomorrow from all aspects of entertainment, we want to drive a contemporary outlet for you the readers and Sparx fans. Whether it be through the sights and sounds Sparx Entertainment, will build to give you that cutting-edge experience for viewing and reading pleasure.

Cultivate a message by talking about an issue that doesn’t have to pertain to gossip. Entertainment should be managed with care not to be wielded irresponsibly.

DeShawn J. Ellis (Co-Founder/CEO/President of Sparx Entertainment)



Our biggest components that we showcase is:

Featured Articles: A segment created to be more of an interactive way to personally know the individuals. Artists like Enik Lin, Whitney Tai, Tribe Chillin, ColdKid, and more it has shown the deep paths that these individuals have taken to gain the success of today.

Bi-Partisan Promoting: A partnership that we establish with others to promote their material. It results in developing a way to promote upcoming music, albums, shows, and any other material the individual desires.

Reviews (TV, Movies, Video Games, & Music): From superhero movies to the smooth sounding that engulfs your ears, our reviews take you into the minds of great writers. The running series of Sparx Entertainment are: Editor Chief’s Review‘ (2014-), ‘WWEditorials‘ (2015-) ‘J. Johnson Reviews‘ (2015-), ‘Pinaro’s Review‘ (2015-), & ‘Anime Corner‘ (2014-). Check out our ‘Raw. Real. Readable‘ reviews or better yet want to write a review for us shoot us an email at!

The Sparx Awards: An event that we created to honor the upcoming artists, actors, singers, and simply entertainers. It’s for all the greatness that is the aspiring talented individual getting a shot to grab that golden accomplishment and motivating them for even more. (On temporary hiatus)

Testimonials: Message(s) from those who gave a special thank to the fans and us. We hope to continue working with them as the philosophy we follow is all about integrity and loyalty. That for any and all clients we, work with, no matter the notoriety.

The 2016 Initiative: A detailed venture mapping out 2016’s major steps to expand for SPARX Magazine™, Tier 1 Wrestling, SPARX Pictures, LOCALS: NY, & SPARX Awards.

SPARX Partnership Group: An initiative that’s intended to bring minds from many platforms of entertainment. We have an open-door policy with it comes to creativity, it’s a philosophy that exist in Sparx Entertainment to help us grow.

We can help each other excel to the top by creating something memorable and exciting for our fans.

*For any material submitted to us, we give full credit to those who give us reviews & articles.

As we grow little by little every day we would hope to work with any and all those who have the dedication to make themselves grow in their talent. We love to hear from you the supporters of Sparx Entertainment. Any feedback or questions for us please email us at We will surely try our best to satisfy any & all inquiries that come our way.

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For more information about our partners visit them at: Tier 1 Wrestling, World Bboy Battle, Proletariat Denim, NABA Life Foundation, & Buddhas Photography

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