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Nelson Chan, “How High” Pt. I

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J. Johnson

Nelson Chan, The creator of HOOP AND LIFE, as well as a growing basketball enthusiast that continues to make the presence of his skills, felt throughout the world. Not only does his dribbling, shooting, and dunking game practically put him step for step with some of the world’s best, his eye for sneakers also give him the credibility to ensure the ones watching that they actually need the pair being discussed. Chan states directly on his YouTube channel that HIS purpose is “to be able to help people improve their basketball skills and inspire them to be a better version of themselves…” He adds that it’s not only for the court but for your life as well. Safe to say that Chan‘s goals of making basketball not only an enjoyable sport but a little motivation at simple aspects in life will gravitate any feeling lack of motivation.

As it may be motivation for many there’s another reason Nelson Chan has over 9.9 million views, his PASSION. When you watch the videos, see the posts via his Instagram there’s no denying his passion for basketball is what drives him to succeed. His passion extends to the early ages of his childhood where he not only went through wins and losses but began to hone his skills for the tough competition always on his back once he reached High School. One thing that his passion has taught Chan is to never give up and always push forward with anything you want to attain in life. That would lead Nelson to graduate from the University of California in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Arts and Business Economics as his major.

Credit: Nelson Chan

HOOP AND LIFE | Credit: Nelson Chan

Personally, I wonder why he didn’t pursue his chances of making it to the NBA… There could be a multitude of reason but for our hope, is that question will in answered in part 2? Nelson Chan would go through various ventures to not only become a great player in basketball; playing for a league at his local VFW but also participating the ISA YouTube Basketball Charity game alongside some fellow YouTubers like D-Trix, Wong Fu, Ryan Higa, and much more. Aftermentioned, Nelson Chan would join YouTube on December 9th, 2015 where he would create a diverse channel that focused heavily on passion basketball and love for sneakers. His style would use present knowledge of basketball in a fun and comical way. Almost like showing the viewer that the sport can be serious but remember to have fun. All those ingredients along with friends Andrew & David Fung; who themselves have found success through this medium would only enhance the attraction of Nelson Chan as HOOP AND LIFE were born.

There’s plenty to talk about with Nelson Chan and his love for basketball. The future can tell that story as we do hope his attention with us is finally caught. No seriously, Nelson Chan is one of those many looking to motivate anyone who wants high-quality results with basketball or life altogether. His determination improves each time his feet touch the court and passion grow as he recently was featured in an Adidas commercial with basketball player James Harden of the Houston Rockets. So you see passion is limitless and can take you anywhere hopefully Nelson Chan makes the stride to higher points of his life. It’s like he says “Remember the most important thing, is not only becoming a better player but to be a better individual.

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