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E3 2018: For Honor – New Faction

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The Wu Lin has arrived!

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The Marching Fire is the new DLC title and according to Ubisoft director, Damien Kieken this DLC will be “by far the biggest update we’ve ever done on For Honor“.

For Honor has added a number of heroes for present three factions, since launch early last year. This year, For Honor‘s Knights, Vikings, and Samurai will be joined by a new faction: the Chinese fighting force Wu Lin. The announcement of the Wu Lin came during the Ubisoft E3 press conference. The introduction of the faction will mark the beginning of Season 8 as a major free update this October.

Publishers of Ubisoft has made it certain that the Wu Lin faction will consist of four heroes, but only announced two of them, the Tiandi and Shaolin. In regards as to what they do, Tiandi is a vanguard-type hero who’s armed with a curved blade while specializing in dodging attacks. The Tiandi is meant to be for players who have never played as its fighting style is a free-flowing style. As for the Shaolin, this hero is an assassin-like character with a long wooden staff who can hold attack poses to open up new chains and moves.

According to Kieken, each Wu Lin member will have an individual name that will be accompanied by a  unique backstory. Initially, these heroes will be a part of a paid DLC bundle, but will later be paid for individually with the game’s Steel currency. The bundle will also come with a new, as-yet-unspecified “unlimited PvE mode“. Also coming with the new update is a brand new mode called Breach. A brand new 4v4 mode that has one team attacking a castle and one team defending it.

For Honor’s Marching Fire will being 4 new heroes from the Far East, new PvP and PvE modes, new maps, major graphical enhancements and more on October 16th

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