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“Roar Of A Dame” Featuring, Haresha | Presented by, SPARX Entertainment®

Official "Roar Of A Dame" artwork | Credit: The SPARX Team

Written & Conducted by,
Sean Wall

It all started on the 25th of July with a simple question, “Who should our next Sparx Feature be on?” via Twitter. In the end, 125 votes were cast and Haresha won with just 56% over other choices The Fung Bros., Shimmy, and Darius Carter. We’ve heard plenty of stories about individuals making their dreams come true. As the time pass, only those who make the best of their situations and opportunities will realize those dreams. Haresha definitely has the dream and has used multiple opportunities given to realize them. She’s performed with the likes of our other features stars the brash FLOW Simpson and the young ambitious group, Tribe Chillin.

Sean Wall had the opportunity to get some exclusive details of who Haresha really is. Now here’s our official interview,

Q: Tell the readers (fans & supporters) what your name is? (real, stage, and any other nicknames)?

Haresha: My name is Haresha. My family calls me Lulu Bell

Q: If you will, gives us a little insight on your childhood.

Haresha: I was very blessed growing up and won’t ever front about that; my dad had two jobs and worked hard every day to give us a comfortable life. Born and raised in Arizona apart from the few years we spent in England for one of my dad’s jobs. During that time we traveled to almost every country in Europe. I was only five so I can’t tell you much about it but I do remember it. My dad is Lebanese and was in the Air Force and he definitely applied that mindset to our household, allowing no wiggle room around the rules—I hated this growing up but have to admit I’d be a completely different person today without those rules. My Middle Eastern culture surrounded me all my youth to the present day and that’s something else I’m eternally grateful for.

Q: Did your childhood reflect on your decision to become an artist?

Haresha: Growing up my favorite things to do were write, sing, and draw. I wrote songs, poetry, and stories, and listened to music all day long. A singer was something I would have LOVED to do more than anything in the world, but I never even considered pursuing such a thing due to my shyness. So I delved into the writing and painting. My continuous love for music and constant need to download new tracks became years and years of research that helped me in ways I would never have imagined until I decided to make my own music. So in a way, it reflected my childhood, and in a way, it complimented it.

Haresha & her lovely family

Haresha & her lovely family | Credit: Haresha

Q: What were your parent’s initial reaction(s) when you expressed being involved in music?

Haresha: Confusion. Denial. Fear. Anger. Haha, they were very sad to see me give a rest to my novel writing. But after busting out four, three-hundred-page novels, it was time for something else. I know they’re still hoping I’ll put down the microphone and pick up the keyboard again but I promise them I haven’t stopped writing novels. I’ve just started writing music as well.

Q: Speaking about ‘reflect’ your style in music is very vibrant. It panders to the level of being relaxed and vibing with life. Has your life always been about that?

Haresha: Not always. Growing up I was awkward and anxiety ridden—this was something that prevented me from considering a career in music. But as I got older I slowly started to see things in different lights, and on my eighteenth birthday, I felt like I was blessed with new eyes. I prayed for the ability not to stress what I could not control and every day I get a little better at it. Surrounding myself with positive people, and choosing to decide how my day is gonna go, has made an amazing difference and as of lately, I’m happy to say vibing is what my life has been about. I am the firmest of believers in speaking things into existence.

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