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“Echoes Of A Lyricist” Featuring: FUZZY | Presented by: SPARX Entertainment©

FUZZY "Echoes of A Lyricist" | Designed by The SPARX Team

Conducted by, J. Johnson

You would realize who he is from his most recent songs that are being released every Tuesday exclusively on his Soundcloud. This artist takes his music to a level of comfort that it speaks passion. Not only does he take a stance on love, but his influence is almost religiously based. However even with the heavy religious influences in his music he sometimes takes a different route. You can only be as good as your last track when you want to release the best you have.

FUZZY is his name and he’s an artist that takes his music seriously as he just doesn’t release anything to get views. His pace to make the song great for the listeners is heard through the lyrics. It echoes the sentiments of an artist who will convey his message of motivation, love, and passion that you’ll anticipate hearing his latest work. FUZZY’s album “B A L L O O N $” is set for release on April 29th, but we have the man himself sharing not only his passion for music but his life with us and you reading. So here’s the interview with “The Lyricist” himself, FUZZY;

Q: We know you as FUZZY, but for our viewers/readers tell us your name & where you’re from?

FUZZY: My name is Fuzzy. Im from Los Angeles, CA. Mid City LA.

Q: Describe your childhood to us. And what were some of your fondest memories from your childhood?

FUZZY: Great childhood. I remember I got a power ranger robot toy that you can control and it will move anywhere you would like. That was during Christmas. I remember my parents so happy. 

Q: It’s safe to say that music is something you’ve been working on. Has it been always been a dream of yours since your childhood?

FUZZY: Nope. It wasn’t. I worked on other crafts, I played a lot of sports. It was actually a hobby gone wrong.

Q: Does your family support your music career thus far? If not, has that affected the way you produce music?

FUZZY: Yes! They do now. Haha. Well, Kinda. Cant say they are 100. It’s the love.

Formerly named Ehwhenkeem (circa 2013)  at the University of California, Irvine | Credit: Original owner(s)

Formerly named Ehwhenkeem (circa 2013) at the University of California, Irvine | Credit: Original owner(s)

Q: Who/What got you into music today? Any variables that may have influenced your style?

FUZZY: Today? I really like Tom Misch a lot. Really enjoy Chance the Rapper. They have real dope hip hop sounds, Chance can sing and rap and Tom Misch sings and plays guitar and produces. I like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. I love there lyrics and the way they construct the songs. Really like Joey bada$$, Action Bronson, J.cole, and Kendrick Lamar. 

Q: We hear a lot of positivity in your music, but do you feel like it could have been delivered better or is there an overall message in the way you it’s produced then and there?

FUZZY: Thank you. Well, my goal is always to make it better. And try to make people understand the lyrics or the concepts. But I always want the person listening to imagine the image. My ultimate goal as a musician is just to let people forget about the bs around them for a little bit. Dance and have fun.

Q: The names FUZZY. How did it come about?

FUZZY: Needed a better name to call myself. The last one was Ehwhenkeem. Already looking crazy and hard to spell, so I decided to go with fuzzy, which was actually the name of my last mixtape.

Q: “A young man seems to make that vibe and thoughts into creating something different.” What does that mean to you when it comes to your music and the fans that listen?

FUZZY: Open minded. Because a lot of my sound is mixing the past and the present sound, so its going to make people think and have odd vibes about the sound they listen. So people that are down to listen to new experience. (I might need to change this, im not a young man anymore. Haha)

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