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SPARX Features Presents: ‘Leading A Tribe’ A Chief Story

Leading A Tribe: A Chief Story Artwork | Original Photo: Chief & Tribe Chillin; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Conducted by,
J. Johnson

Three Years & Two Collective Features later….

Tribe Chillin consists of five individuals with the sole purpose of spreading their own style of music. The supposed leader of the Las Vegas hip-hop group, appropriately named Chief has been able to branch out like the others (WAVE MMLZ, Cloud, Andwhy, & Dreamcatcher) to release solo projects and produce other tracks for artists that are looking for that next step in their careers. In this featured article we interview capture the essences of who Chief is as an artist and simply a man who’s spreading his message through the universal language of music.

SPARX: For those who don’t know yet other than from the title. Please tell our readers who you are.

    My name is Chief & I am an artist coming from northwest Las Vegas trying to spread my message!

SPARX: Your name is ‘Chief’. How did that name come about along with your group Tribe Chillin?

    Honestly, my rap name used to be DVB before I helped create Tribe Chillin but I just remember wanting a crazy name that meant something to me. Chief’s have always been leaders & are usually looking out for their people so I felt like I could relate. Cloud & I wanted to kind of keep the theme going as we were thinking of names and it seemed perfect that we be “The Tribe”. Our names fit with it and it all seemed to click! It’s funny, we had to make our website finally, and it wouldn’t let us just put tribe so we adopted the chillin at the end & people kept calling us that so it kinda stuck as well.

SPARX: Is there a difference between Chief and Daniel?

    Not a difference at all.


Chief of Tribe Chillin | Credit: Chief

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