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E3 2018: Halo Infinite Reveal

Credit: 343 Industries

Master Chief is back!

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J. Johnson

Were you not screaming in excitement when you saw Master Chief‘s helmet? EPIC!

The great team at Microsoft Studios has a way of grabbing the attention of its gamers. They showcase the best content and demonstrate why they’re the leading gaming studio in the world. To kick off the Xbox E3 Conference Microsoft, released a teaser featuring a new Halo game entitled, Halo: Infinite. The world featured in the teaser associated itself with and vehicles like the classic Warthog. During the brief teaser didn’t offer too much in terms of gameplay but did feature a lot of new visuals that spoke to the overall direction of the game itself.

Despite the teaser not providing more in terms of gameplay the folks over at 343 Industries did reveal, Halo Infinite will be running on their newly created Slipspace Engine. As well as the engine powering future Halo games and other experiences. The title of the game and teaser does suggest that this game may feature a more open world version of Halo despite the lack of gameplay.

During the E3 keynote today, Microsoft did mention that the new title is centered around the legendary Master Chief and “continues the current storyline” after the events of Halo 5. 343 Industries also describes the new game as “the next chapter of the legendary franchise“.

We may not be able to get any gameplay as Microsoft has said, the game, art, and tech engine are all “still in progress and many of the assets and designs will certainly evolve between now and the release of the game“. Microsoft also didn’t reveal when Halo Infinite would be launching, but it seems likely to be at least a year away.

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