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E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III – New Trailer & New Worlds to Explore

Credit: Square Enix/Disney; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Sora, Donald, & Goofy meet some beloved Pixar characters in the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III.

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J. Johnson

Any Kingdom Hearts fan will tell you that this game is their most anticipated game to play for its lore and the long wait to play it. Previous trailers provided fans with a look into a few new worlds players will be exploring such as Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Tangled, as well as summoning the powers of characters like Wreck it Ralph. There’s no doubt that from now until the official launch each trailer will depict the various worlds players will explore along with some new and returning features of the game. Honestly, there’s no doubt that the kingdom of Arendelle especially with the widely huge success of Frozen. Now your dreams came true to fight giant ice golems and have Olaf by your side.

Although we learned about the new world of Frozen being added to the Kingdom Hearts map, the trailer also featured returning original characters such as Sora, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and members of Organization 13, many whom are looking for Roxas. Another aspect of the trailer reveals the return of Aqua but something isn’t right as she’s engulfed in a shadowy aura. She turns to Mickey stating “…it’s too late


Credit: Square Enix/Disney

No Kingdom Hearts will be complete without the talented Utada Hikaru returning to sing the game’s official theme song and the trailer features the new single “Don’t Think Twice“. It’s most prominent in trailer’s ending featuring the scene with Aqua and Mickey.

On a few occasions, Kingdom Hearts III has been getting a lot of attention during E3. Square Enix debuted its trailer during Microsoft‘s press conference during, which the company also revealed that Kingdom Hearts will launch on Xbox One for the first time alongside the PlayStation 4 version. Now with this launch has to be a pre-order right? Yes, Square Enix has announced that a special edition will be available at the Square Enix store. The bundle is priced at $230 and it comes with three Bring Arts figures of the three protagonists. The bundle also features an art book, steel book case, a collectible pin and of course a copy of the game.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 29, 2019 and it’s available for preorder now.

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