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E3 2018: KINGDOM HEARTS III Release Date!

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The wait is almost over…

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13-long-years and the wait seem to be finally coming to a close with the final game to end the Xehanort saga. For those who played the first Kingdom Hearts always wondered what the game was truly about and it wasn’t until Kingdom Hearts 2 where we got the answers to those questions. We saw the reveal of Organization XIII’s leader, Xemnas get confront by DiZ the teacher of Xemnas‘ physical body, Xehanort. However, the story is so much deeper and rooted with so much legacy behind it that you can see why fans are excited to see how this entire saga ends.

During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour held in Los Angeles, director Tetsuya Nomura made a surprise appearance. He would share some new with those in attendance through a trailer. Once the fans got a piece of the update for the highly anticipated game, they quickly went to social media to share the news. Later, the Kingdom Hearts team later confirmed the date via Twiter:

Everyone knows that the game was supposed to be released this year after it was announced during the Disney fan convention D23 which indicated the game was expected to launch in 2018. Noruma would apologize for the delay asking the fans for their patience and that looked forward to revealing more information.

It’s been one helluva ride in the sense that with all the delays many are hoping it pays off. Given the full trailer, we have seen a couple of months ago, there’s no telling that Kingdom Hearts III will be an instant success.

Check out the trailer:

More information regarding Kingdom Hearts III has been promised for this month, including another new world reveal. It’s been largely assumed that information would be revealed during this Monday’s Square Enix E3 Showcase, which might still contain information about the aforementioned world reveal.

Let us know in the comments below. Are you happy with the release date? What do you expect from Kingdom Hearts III

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