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E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 Remake Revealed!

Credit: Capcom; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Childhood scares have awoken!

Written by,
J. Johnson

During, the Sony E3 press conference the silence was broken with a remarkable trailer for Resident Evil 2‘s remake. Capcom has been the masters of in-game horror when it comes to their fame franchise The wait for this remake has been long awaited and the thrilling gaming company delivered on such a mesmerizing trailer.

The trailer begins through the eyes of something crawling on the floor in first-person. From there, you get some confusion in a room full of shelves and food. The two individuals knock into one shelf knocking it over. Moments later the camera captures a zombie biting a person; taking a chunk out of the person’s neck, followed by Leon Kennedy shooting the zombie in the head. DRAMS!


Credit: Capcom

After that moment, we get a few shots around that provides a general look around Raccoon City. Due to the hype surrounding this game we didn’t get any gameplay; although the trailer satisfied me to be in shock and awe. Alongside the brief trailer, Capcom gives fans a second surprise by confirming the release date of January 25th, 2019.

The Resident Evil classics have been doing exceptionally well given Capcom‘s recent re-release of the original Resident Evil. In the North American and European gaming markets, Resident Evil HD Remaster has become the fastest-selling digital title in Capcom‘s history

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