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E3 2018 ReCap: The Last Of Us 2 – Brutal Trailer

Credit: Naughty Dog; Edited by, The SPARX Team

When it comes down to survival, you’ll do anything

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The Last of Us Part II delivered in terms of brutality and terrifying moments as the trailer depicts a literal change in tone from start to finish. Sony would show Ellie talking to a man while watching a party going on around them. She would eventually get her attention grabbed by another female character who was earlier dancing off in the distance. The female character would lead Ellie to the dance floor, where they would exchange a few words and follow it up with a tender kiss.

Before Ellie embraced the kiss, she would state that she’s “Just a girl, not a threat.” Her partner opposes the thought and suggests everyone should be terrified of Ellie. Suddenly, the scene transitions from a kiss to Ellie slitting a man’s throat, mumbling “f****r” as she releases his limp body. Afterward, the gameplay immediately starts as Ellie is creeping around an unknown city. What’s different from the first game is the areas surrounding her have been reclaimed by nature and she uses the area to her advantage.


Credit: Naughty Dog

As she creeps a little further a group of men are gathering with another hanging from a rope. The chaos ensues after Ellie attempt to run away from the enemies, but in her objective to get her away she’s shot at, hit with an arrow, and even hit with the edge of a pickaxe. The gameplay we see while all of this is going on definitely captivates Ellie‘s efforts of doing anything it takes to survive. For example, when she’s walking in an abandoned makeup shop, the three enemies scour the room for her and out of nowhere Ellie crafts an explosive arrow while slipping around. In an instant, she sets off a huge explosion causing the enemy to be blown up in pieces.

Once the scuffle between her and the enemies come to an end the trailer transitions back to the kiss with Ellie and her dance partner. The brutality and heartfelt moments of the trailer shocked everyone that who wouldn’t want to know what will happen next.

Some fans might have been worried that multiplayer would not be featured in the game since it wasn’t mentioned during the gameplay trailer. However, while being interviewed by Gamespot, game directors Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau confirmed that Factions mode is “coming back“. Margenau would state that they’re ready to talk about “what form that takes.

The Last of Us Part II, does not have a confirmed release date, but it will be exclusive to PS4. Stay tuned for more details.

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