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SPARX Features Presents: Mixing N’ Zening ‘A WAVE MMLZ Story’

Credit: WAVE MMLZ; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Make Music Live Zen

Conducted/Written by,
J. Johnson

It’s been nearly 2 and ½ years since one of his earlier projects entitled ‘Trap Door Black Hole’ was released and our official approach to Wave MMLZ/Tribe Chillen. Since that time the evolution of aggressively young artist now has become a dedicated artist/producer that has a vision. That vision has taken shape into various ventures where Wave uses his cultivated talent to expand in the world of music that will ultimately benefit Tribe Chillen and himself in the long term. From 2015 to present day, Wave continues to challenge himself to excel in the world of music where only the dedicated survive.

And now, here’s out latest interview featuring, WAVE MMLZ,

SPARX: Welcome and it’s a pleasure. Now if you may let our readers know who you are and exactly what you do?

    My name is Wave MMLZ. I’m an artist, producer and the head of Make Music Live Zen Records.

SPARX: We heard a lot of name over the years in the music scene but what does MMLZ stand for and where did WAVE MMLZ come about?

    MMLZ is somewhat of my life motto, it stands for “Make Music Live Zen”. It started from a random freestyle in 2011 where I called myself “mammals”, I always kind of liked that, so I chose that and turn it into an acronym.


Credit: Ty (@Tylor__)

SPARX: What/who inspires your music career?

    I think my love for music starts with the un-describable energy that music creates. Trying to comprehend the message, the sounds and the artist all simultaneously brings me great joy that I don’t get from anything else. Standing and watching someone perform and transfer that energy to the crowd is what truly inspires me to keep creating.

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