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2 Years Of SPARX: ‘CK Noir – The Future’

CK Noir 'The Future' | Designed by The SPARX Team

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In every business theirs multiple parts that keep the engine going. Even though those parts are essentially the team that you started with it’s always the ones that make their everlasting impression with dedication, honesty, passion, and loyalty who stand out the most. CK Noir is one of many everlasting impressions made on the Sparx Entertainment legacy that his legacy for music is prominently featured on this very site. It didn’t take much for the ‘SPARX Team’ to notice the passion, CK displayed, as his musical talents did all the talking for him. Although dark in its nature, you hear the heartache, struggle, and resolve from the young artist that your prime reaction is the desire to hear more of his story. CK Noir journey with Sparx Entertainment began October 2014 and two years later his dedication hasn’t changed, his nature has evolved, and his passion has only grown stronger to be the greatest.


The Real ColdKid‘ featured CK Noir formerly known as ColdKid discussing the beginning of who he was, what his music meant to him, and what drives him to produce more. The quote by Jon Walden speaks clearly about CK Noir, “Struggle is proof that you haven’t been conquered, that you refuse to surrender, that victory is still possible, and that you’re growing.” Everybody struggles with themselves and as you continue on the path of evolving into the person you’re meant to be then, life can only go so smoothly. CK would go onto to that his music at the time is purely based off of influence. You can only drive yourself if something kicks you into gear; something Sparx Entertainment saw in the young artist. Aside from the influences that played a key role in his music, CK’s struggles were another factor for his evolution.

“First song I had ever put written and put together was a song called “Lvcifer”. I wrote it during a dark time in my life, so it had a lot to do with suicide and inner conflict. It started out as a poem, but I ended up turning it into a song when I first started making music.”

-CK Noir (circa 2014)

What we learned about CK at the end was he’s not trying to be another Kanye, JAY-Z, or Justin Beiber, his only goal is to successful give back to his family and do what he loves. We would also cover songs he released in the remaining year like Feel My Pain & The City’. He’d also make it in the inaugural ‘Superstar of the Year’


2nd SPARXFeature, CK Noir | Edited by: The SPARX Team

2nd SPARXFeature, CK Noir | Designed by: The SPARX Team

It was a new year and a new mindset for the young artist as he released two singles and a mixtape—not too many artists put out mixtapes unless it for a record label—in the first three months. Henny & Sprite was the first volume of what is to be a trilogy. The first was purely something of passion and grit from the Floridan rapper making his presence known. Homesick was one of those songs that would win you over as it dove into the personal side of CK Noir mentioning some of his friends and family that resided back in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In the summer of 2015, Sparx released a 2nd feature entitled, A Future That He Is, it was a follow up on the first one as it was clear Sparx envisioned CK Noir as the “The Future“. The feature also broadens the scope of who CK Noir is as a person and what he’s about aside his emotions.

In the summer of 2015, Sparx released a 2nd feature entitled, ‘A Future That He Is‘, it was a follow up on the first one as it was clear Sparx envisioned CK Noir as the “The Future“. The feature also broadens the scope of who CK Noir is as a person and what he’s about aside his emotions. There was a little something that consistently appeared “NC-13” it was mentioned by CK himself that it’s not a gang affiliated group rather a group of artist hell-bent on making a difference with their music. It as mentioned before his music is based off the influences in his life. NC-13 is exactly an influence as it’s story based and has to do with the situations and people CK has come into contact with throughout his life.

“Homesick had been in the making for almost two years and went through close to 50 track changes until I found my true sound that put it together. When I first started making music, I knew I wanted to make something dark, and that people could more so vibe too.  Looking at my old shit compared to now, you see the change. It’s all the dark emotions I’ve been wanting to portray.”

-CK Noir (circa 2015)

Perhaps, CK Noir was right as he claimed it wasn’t his year, but he would go on to release a few tracks, Intro’ Street//Poetry, ‘Pray For Me‘, ‘Slow Sip’ which was his first music video with different content other than hip-hop. He also released volume 2 to ‘Henny & Sprite and introduced as the cover star for the 1st issue of the SPARX Magazine. For the second time in a row, CK Noir would be featured in the ‘Superstar of the Year’ for the ‘Best Of…’


"The Rise Of Noir City", from left to right; Jay Million, CK Noir, Nino Corelone | Designed by: The SPARX Team

“The Rise Of Noir City”, from left to right; Jay Million, CK Noir, Nino Corelone | Designed by: The SPARX Team

We know this year isn’t over as of yet, but the beginning of this year is a testament to how focused the young artist is to becoming the greatest for himself. No time was wasted as he released the mixtape Street Poetry a little something CK Noir was planning since the release of ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’. With new beginnings starting out heavy on CK’s career he would also change his name from ColdKid to CK Noir. It’s an obvious play off ColdKid and Noir City 13 (NC-13). Sparx Entertainment would also presume him the leader of NC-13 as well given his direction with the music and artists he collaborated with throughout the years.

On January 22, CK Noir would get his 3rd featured article entitled The Rise of Noir City. The reason for the title is the heavy influence of NC-13 and other artists that have been featured on the past three mixtapes. However, the article mainly focused on CK Noir his relationships with fellow members Jay Million and Nino Corelone. Also, this is the first time that CEO of Sparx Entertainment, DeShawn J. Ellis would conduct the interview with CK Noir. There were a couple of people he associates himself with, Lil Bro and Player Pleasant. CK would mention that they would get together for a few hours to create beats, write songs, and recorded them. He also mentioned that the chemistry works so well that they have heavy hands in the most recent songs CK have released. The feature would also showcase his MV entitled ‘Her‘. The dark artist has truly evolved himself as his music is well-rounded for anybody who listens. It still has the dark undertone, but caters to a lighter audience that loves the story based hip-hop with a little edge. CK’s inspiration to see the song’s realization was because of his girlfriend. They say every king needs a queen in their life and it seems CK has found his for the better.

Furthermore, as 2016 began to progress CK Noir would release another music video entitled Peer Pressure. It was a riddled with violent imagery and given the nature of the video explicit language. Followed by a remix to Pray For ‘Em and a professionally approached music video produced by Canon Jones entitled ‘Face Tatz it featured some of CK Noir’s friends as he shot the video in his hometown of Cincinnati. A month later, a mini project entitled Self-Made: The Prologue was released to give the fans a perspective that all his hard work is fueled by the fans and his ultimate goal. It didn’t take long for CK Noir to get a taste to make another music video entitled ‘2 D E V I L $‘ it was around this time that ‘The Future’ was truly molding himself into a great artist to be respected by his fans. Despite CK Noir going through a hiatus from social media, it was said he’s been producing and putting ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 3‘ along with the mini mixtape ‘Late Night Affair‘.

In the end, despite 2016 not being over and done with CK told Sparx what 2016 would look like for him,

“I aiming for 2016 to really be the year I leave my mark in the music scene. I’ve spent this whole year building myself up, and taking music more serious than ever before. I think I’m finally ready to fully put myself out there and start showcasing what I got. I’m confident and hyped for what the future holds.”

-CK Noir (circa 2016)

Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid |RealColdKid.

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