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‘Street Poetry’ CK Noir (2016)

CK Noir heads into 2016 with a very diverse mixtape that covers everything from his past, current relationship, family, and life. It's his very own street poetry. | Designed by: The SPARX Team

Written by: J. Johnson


New Year is the time for a change in what you do with life. CK Noir (formerly known as Coldkid) intents to make 2016 his, especially with a little Street Poetry.

Recently learned last year that CK Noir, would be releasing a new mixtape when he released a video for what he called “Freestyle Wednesday” on November 4th of last year to create a little buzz. One thing the talented artist has is the drive to evolve himself. The following few weeks saw CK releasing the MVSlow Sip, previews to tracks that appeared on the mixtape, & promotional posters.

In the previous mixtapes you heard a conviction of an artist who was telling you about himself. ‘Street Poetry‘ takes on a whole new route as he’s talking about his present future. I was privileged to hear an early release of ‘Street Poetry‘ and it’s definitely going in the right direction heading into 2016.


‘Street Poetry’s’ Promotional Poster | Credit: Noir City

Street Poetry‘ features some talented artists and producers who were previously on the last mixtape along with some new ones. Victor Maniero, DJ Mooskie, NH Beats, General Beats, Anno Domini, Stwo, HIGHAF, Bliss, Jacob Lethal, UNRTHDX, Prodlem, Lowkey, Bobbo, & Chris Swanks all helped CK produce this mixtape through intriguing and compelling mixture of beats and that modern style of hip-hop. CK compliments those featured artists and producers with his 90s style of hip-hop that brought him to where he is today.

There’s certain songs on the mixtape that has a message to them. CK Noir does this so well in each of the mixtapes he’s recently released that you here it in, “Reminiscin’” has that back to the past feeling to it. It may even make you want to reminiscence on your own past. In ‘7 Sinz‘ truly stays true to the style of CK Noir as he incorporates those 90’s nuance. Like I’ve commended before that style is not too involved in hip-hop or rap. Can sins make you a better person or simply show the character of who you really are as a person? In some aspects you can get a picture of CK Noir. Nobody has a perfect picture of themselves, but when you take something and try to make it better it’s worth the sins that were endured.

All forms of music use the relationship card, where they sing or rap about the one that’s special to them. We heard CK Noir take on a provocative [MV] with ‘Slow Sip‘ and that was different enough for the hard-times rapper. ‘Wifey’ takes a side of CK Noir not many see unless he wants you to. You can hear some legends of hip hop (Biggie Smalls & NEXT).


CK Noir’s ‘Street Poetry’ mixtape cover art | Credit: Noir City

I appreciate the rhetoric from the track “Crack Commandments”, no it’s not what you think it is, but a play of the rules one must follow in that street poetry. The end dialogue is a great nod between two people. ‘Peer Pressure’ is a mutha…. It’s not right when you have someone telling you to do something just because it’s cool. This song takes the very root of staying true to yourself and not to conform to anything just because, it’s cool. It speaks on the troubles of the youth being misinformed and life choices. One can only wonder what kind of choices you’ll have to make in life…

Don’t get me wrong there’s always room for improvement. CK Noir has been able to catch certain mistakes he’s made in the past. Can’t say this is perfect for this is just the beginning of a string of new routes it opens up for CK Noir. He’s taken the route to rap over beats that have a slow tempo gentle melody (‘Payne’) that the next mixtape can be the perfect one, but what could he do then, if this mixtape purely perfect?

16 tracks later, CK Noir, formerly known as ColdKid is the artist to look out for in 2016. Although he’s been releasing mixtapes in the past this year seems to be focused on making this year his own. In doing so he’s taken forms of music that will only make him a well rounded artist in the long run. Whether or not he stays that way is his doing. Sooner or later he will be forced to change his style, not to say he drops the 90s styling. Perhaps, for now the Floridan artist has a voice of his own that echoes in the beginning of 2016 with a little reminiscing, peer pressure of success in the booth, statements with tats on the face, and a little street poetry.

‘Street Poetry’ is available right now. For more info & updates on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid | RealColdKid

The SPARX Team would like to thank CK Noir for allowing us to listen to ‘Street Poetry’ early to provide our readers with this review.

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