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Review: Charlie Kim ‘Deadman Walking’

Credit: Charlie Kim

Written by Sean Wall

He’s the man that brought you the lyrical “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”, the risque single “Me and My Girl”, and a masterful NxWorries cover of “Link Up”. Now he’s giving the full version of a preview that he released back in February. It’s amazing what time can do when you fine tune your skills to reflect on the moment. Even with the time changing from a few months ago, the inspiration still remains. Charlie Kim would mention that Steve Yeun (The Walking Dead).

“Deadman Walking” is the efforts of Charlie Kim’s late night and sometimes sleepless nights perfecting his craft of FUTURE BLUES. Yes, literally FUTURE BLUES may be its own genre someday. Kim’s passion for music is on full display as the lyrics have a profound effect on the music as a whole. When you hear the delivery it’s as if he’s putting his whole life on the table for the listener to realize what and who Charlie Kim is for his music.

It was teased back in February with a little video, but after actually hearing the song, it can be said that the mystery is only beginning for Charlie Kim. As the gentleman with the hint of a rebel continues to make his mark as a musician time can tell what’s next as we haven’t heard too much about the LP of “FUTURE BLUES :: GOOD & EVIL” except the full-length version of “Deadman Walking”. Like this song we just have to wait and enjoy the music Charlie Kim is willing to pull all-nighters for… It’s a calling to his passion and dedication to introducing you into his world.

Check out “Deadman Walking” from the singer, songwriter, producer, & ‘enigma’ Charlie Kim:

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