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“Pray For Me” CK Noir (ColdKid)

Written by J. Johnson

It’s a broader look at salvation. CK doesn’t release a song or MV just for the hell of it. It has to mean something he’s feeling at the moment as well as embody the essence of who he is as a person. He’s been able to provide his supporters with a basis of how life has been and, to be honest, I’ve seen the evolution of this artist; may not be from the beginning, but you can hear that depth in what he raps about. Not many artists do that until this day. Yes, you have Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole who rap about the truth in many people’s eyes, but not a lot of artists take their life and invite you in anymore like rappers of the 90’s.

CK was promoting the release of his new MV for some time and he was waiting for the right moment to release it. On November 4th, released a freestyle video giving a little dose of what’s to come from the upcoming mixtape “Street Poetry“. The freestyle was for an inaugural “Freestyle Wednesday“. You can see the conviction and for the first time see the emotions flowing through the man himself. It’s an amazing sight to see when an artist can take his passion and share it with his friends, family, and fan-base.

Followed by with a week gone by, CK has released his latest video with the bundle of promotions that helped, don’t forget the preview of what to expect by the growing excitement for the video. In the video, you hear CK rapping about his life’s struggles, but not as much as before. This song was driven towards the future, with the addition of making his family proud for the come up of his life. Like I mentioned before you can see the evolution of CK as it’s a storied life that has seen the worst of it, but you know there’s a positive to come out of this as the music of ColdKid will continue to inspire himself and fans looking for the person to inspire them as well.

Here’s the “Pray For Me” [MV]:

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