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“Face Tatz” [MV] — CK Noir ft. YZMG Milli (Prod by Canon Jones)

Credit: Canon Jones

Written by J. Johnson

CK Noir is a Cincinnati, Ohio native with a life that has strengthened his resolve through the struggles he’s gone through. He took to music to cope with the struggles at the time, but his focus teetered. Now residing in Florida and his writing is truly dedicated to going far like he wants it to be. He wants nothing more then, to explain his life that he lived in the past, and his future.

Many aspects have shaped him to be the man he is today. Furthermore, he’s taken his body under the ink needle to sketch out some interesting tattoos, telling stories from his life. CK decided to take his tattoos to a new level as he begins to tattoo his face. We’ve even asked him about his tattoos, this is what he said:

I’d say almost every one of my tattoos holds a meaning to it. I started getting tattoos as a way of telling my story and expressing my true self. I wear some tattoos as scars and others as a reminder for good memories. Probably my most meaningful being the “Struggle” across my knuckles. It really ties in with my music and the way I was brought up. I’ve learned that no matter how rich or poor, we all struggle in some way. It’s important to learn from your struggle and overcome it than to hide or avoid it. A lot of people ask why I tatted my face up, and I tell them it’s because I don’t want a normal career path. I knew the consequences of doing so, and so that reminds me to maintain my grind twice as hard. Society wanna tell me I can’t that my face and make a living, well I’m here to kill that stigma.”

CK Noir (A Quote from “A Future That He Is“)

CK Noir may have spoken about it with us, but he’s taken that by turning it into a song from his recent mixtape “Street Poetry“. Now ‘Face Tatz‘ is exactly what it is. Take that quote mentioned above followed by spinning it into a track and CK Noir has made gold. CK Noir goes back to his hometown of Cincinnati to shot this video. Hints of that are evidently placed throughout the video. You first see CK sitting in a chair as the intro & chorus come in. The cinematography is amazing as Canon Jones captures the essence of track along with CK & YZMG ripping the track about how much tattoos represent themselves. Tattoos are supposedly taboos, stigmas, or counter-culture avenue for some, but it tells a lot about the individual(s). The trio of CK Noir, YZMG Milli, & Canon Jones is something that I hope happens in the future more often as you’ll see why in the MV below.

“Got tattoos on my body
ink all over my face
on the grind til I’m shining
F*** a job I won’t play it safe”

At this point and time, CK Noir is even working on ‘Henny & Sprite 3: The Come Up‘. No release date has been announced, but CK Noir has released one track from ‘HS3‘ entitled “Pray For Em” . Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on @_ColdKid ; Subscribe to Canon Jones’ Channel

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