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“Peer Pressure” CK Noir [MV]

CK Noir "Peer Pressure" | Credit: Noir City

Written By J. Johnson

(Warning! The video shown in this article contains violent imagery and explicit language. Viewers discretion is advised)

Peer pressure is when a person is forced or under strong influence from their friends to do something be it good or bad. Peer pressure can have both positive and negative effects. Hence, this essay will discuss the positive and negative effect of peer pressure. Firstly, a little peer pressure can be a tool to motivate certain individuals to achieve greater heights. For instance, when a person is struggling with certain aspects of life, they can seek help from a friend or close individual by encouraging them in every little improvement they make. Secondly, with peer pressure, people can help their friends who are addicted to a harmful attribute in life. They can constantly remind, nag and scold the person who is struggling with that addiction. This will pressure the person to quit his/her bad habit as all his friends are against it. However, it could have a negative impact on the existing friendship this is another. Lastly, peer pressure can help in situations when 2 individuals who are fighting. People can use peer pressure to strongly discourage the two parties from fighting and instead, help to mediate and let them talk things out. Thus resolving all conflicts. However, There are negative effects of peer pressure too.

What happens when peer pressure has something to do with gang relations, influence from other that are supposed to be “role models” even when those claim they aren’t. What most people don’t understand it that whether it’s direct or indirect there’s always some sort of influence being interpreted onto those who look up to you.

In the wake of CK Noir’s latest mixtape release “Street Poetry”, he also attached a music video which track is a part of the mixtape. The music video is entitled “Peer Pressure”. The video speaks of the effects of peer pressure and what kind of issues that have gone on in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. What’s very apparent is the visuals that are placed in the videos. You can hear and see the words CK Noir is speaking in the light. Gang relations and police-related killings have gone up in recently that something needs to be done in a peaceful way that all the lives lost can no longer happen under any circumstance. It also shows how certain mainstream music depicts being a gangbanger in different fashions. Some take pride in being one which sends an influential message. CK has said, recently in “The Rise Of Noir City” feature that he would like to send a message to others of positivity.

Check out CK Noir’s latest MV “Peer Pressure”:

Street Poetry” is out right now, we were fortunate to review it early so please check it out; thank you CK Noir for the honor. Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid | RealColdKid.

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