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‘Homesick’ (2015) By: ColdKid Review

You can only be so good that there’s only a couple of paths you can go. ColdKid has made his choice to go up to a level where he can never be knocked down from. Releasing a few singles on his Soundcloud, ColdKid has established a loyal fanbase that opens their ears to his modern-classic hip hop style.

In my opinion, the best music was produced during the 90’s- Early 2000’s. Not just Hip Hop, but every Genre. I remember listening to illmatic as a kid, and just picturing the words play out as a story in my head. Like a movie. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that most lyrical content is dumbed down, while the main focus of the song is now the beat.

Most artist sing about the relationship downfall, cars, money, and trying to live life with no so much the best intentions, but this artist sings about situations he’s been in, his life, goals, and yes the very topics above at a minimal scale.

ColdKid would release a mixtape entitled ‘Henny & Sprite‘ which set up a little something for those who don’t know too much about him. It give you a rollercoaster ride of his highs and low. Breaking down where his head was at in the past and where he wants his head to be. Even with the previous tracks he’d release the ‘Henny & Sprite‘ was just the start of something great.

We got an early digital copy from the man himself and the 14 track mixtape of ‘Homesick‘ is very impressive. It definitely takes a look at the set up of his life and the immediate future. Out of the 14 tracks we’ve come to like 10 of the four given the fact that some have been heard before (but redone). ColdKid recommended we take a listen to three tracks that he personally liked and we have to say it’s truly great when you hear the conviction in this artist’s voice.

The mixtape features a handful of talented producers and artists that ColdKid has. Producers Stwo, Omito, Ekii, L U X U R Y, CommonCause/The Beat Plug, R E T R O, Mura Masa, Dre Minor, & IRONIC had a huge part in arranging the tracks throughout the mixtape & featured artists Porscha, Melrose, & Jay Million have lent their voices in a great assist for ColdKid bringing some astounding balance to the music.

1. ‘Homesick‘ – The 1st track that you’ll hear and it’s for a reason other it being the title of the album. He gives you a insight on where he’s from and what’s missing. Although reminiscing he raps on his origins and how he yearns for the beginning of his life to come back after all his lost. On a relatable note we can all yearn for the past to come back it’s about the future that lies ahead.

7. ‘Feel My Pain‘ – Seven tracks in, we get a mellow sounding track with a piano setting the stage when ColdKid comes on “…Rest In Peace Uncle T…” he hits the ball home with the drive of emotions he and his father felt about the passing. He previously told us that once that happen he knew that his life needed a turn around. It’s plain and simple through this song that his struggles has made him focused. ColdKid wants you to fit in his shoes and “feel his pain” through music.

11. ‘Her‘ – ColdKid takes a very passionate piece “Situations will arise in our lives. But you got to be smart about it. Celebrations with the guys, I scarified ‘Cause I knew you could not sleep without it…. U don’t have to call, it’s okay girl ‘Cause I’m gonna be alright tonight” from Usher’s song ‘You Don’t Have To Call’ and remixed it which was produced by Mura Masa. Not only is this something different for the young artist, but it shows his versatility. The dynamic of this pop-style beat and his style of rapping makes for a great vibe for those who have a special someone in their life. Do we really know who he’s talking about? Or is this just a song to add dimension to this mixtape? Only ColdKid knows that answer.

The overall insight we have for ColdKid’s newest mixtape ‘Homesick’ gives you a in-depth look at his life, but in a hip-hop style. He speaks on his love, passion, and upbringings that anybody can relate to. In music the only thing that connects those who listen is the one music that relates to us the most. Yes you’ll have those one to three tracks that will never accept our minds, but it’s the ones that get your mind thinking that will be your true favorites. ColdKid takes his passion and creates the magic that he wants the world to see. His future is truly bright when it comes to music. Versatility is the only thing he must continue to do is to focus on a relatable level with a mixture of trendy topics. If you like the modern-classic hiphop styles of ColdKid you’ll like this rollercoaster ride of a mixtape by ‘The Future’.

Homesick‘ is available now at:

Rating: 4 out 5 stars


The official artwork of ‘Homesick’

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