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‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’ – ColdKid

Written by J. Johnson

(Our review was done with a copy of ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’ being given to us. We thank ColdKid for the honor.)

Back in March, a young aspiring rapper by the ColdKid had been able to establish a certain fanbase for his style that resembled those from the rap and hip-hop scene of the 90s by releasing a mixtape. The mixtape was a two-year venture for the collaborative rapper as he was intent on letting his fans hear the hard work he put in. ColdKid‘s mixtape was entitled ‘Henny & Sprite’ a quirky name for a mixtape, but we’ve learned what it meant from our recent interview we’ve done with him (A Future That He Is)

Haha that came from Benzo & I. Everybody these days sippin’ syrup, and we wanted to put our own potion into the mix with Hennessy & Sprite. A lot of my music gets made off that mixture, so I’m praying for that Hennessy endorsement one uh these days haha.

– Excerpt from ‘A Future That He Is‘ (ColdKid)

When listening to the first volume of ‘Henny & Sprite‘ there was definitely some missing parts to it, but spoke to who ColdKid really is and what got him into music. It was the passion and conviction that caught our ears. Dubbed The Future ColdKid, we begged the question if he was saving the best for last. Now we know he has with the release of his next mixtape entitled ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’; serves a sequel to the first mixtape. Almost like unfinished business for the unconventional rapper this mixtape definitely has a different feel to it as he’s included some hard-hitting artists that spell out ‘GREATNESS’.

‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’ has a different direction for the listener rather than conviction, there’s the ambitious direction for him to show that this is only the beginning for himself and those who have been with him from the start.

From the start, ColdKid takes the high road as the money and life story brings a great intro to this album. ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’ features artists; Jay Million, Nino Corleone, Lil Bro. Player Pleasant, Porscha, Young Odyssee, and Reggie along with producing from Riotetti, Xavier Jordan, Inspecta Morze, Tony Mahoney, John Beats, Stwo, and Complex. Each one of these gives that added edge ColdKid fans have been probably dying for. Yet for the bulk of the mixtape, there is just that flare to make you want to listen more and more.

I personally have my favorites from this album as there were some awesome tracks from this 14 track list. Feel My Pain IV, 1Hunnit, Leave My Mark, and Kingsbridge Ave. are my top 4 favorites followed by Turn up, Dopehouse, and Ski Mask Dreams Pt. II.

To break down one of them; ‘Leave My Mark’;

You have something to prove in this world. Whether it be your dreams or just something that will be done to be seen. Everything can be done with a positive or negative effect. He takes to the 2nd verse by talking about what he’s seen his friends and family going through.The first part makes you realize that his life has been tough, but his success and drive to put forth great music is what makes him want to have a better life for his friends and family. ColdKid has that gift along with (what it seems to me) his close friends Jay Million and Nino Corleone. I’ve heard both of their music individually and the common theme for them and ColdKid is making their life better and sending a positive spin for those who listen.

Overall, this mixtape sets the bar for as to what direction of his career, it only makes you want to see what’s next for NC-13‘s unconventional rapper; ColdKid. It’s recommended that if you like money, love, struggling that produce success, and sending some sort of message this is an album to get. Like we’ve mentioned earlier his style is like those rappers of the 90s. Honestly, take a listen to this when the mixtape officially drops. We would like to thank, ColdKid for allowing us to follow him for the first time and review Henny & Sprite Vol. 2.

Henny & Sprite Vol. 2 artwork

Henny & Sprite Vol. 2‘ is now available for listen now & also performing at Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Tampa Edition on September 20th, 2015!

For more info & updates on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid

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