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“2 D E V I L $” [MV] By, CK Noir

"2 D E V I L $" By, CK Noir | Credit: World Watcher Entertainment

Written by, J. Johnson

It seems like the man we dubbed “The Future” has been away from the public lately. Previously CK Noir was the lead artist in another music video entitled “Face Tatz”, which had a lot to do with his life, but focused more on his tattoos and the message they hold. Given the fact that his recent announcements of “Late Night Dreams“, “Henny & Sprite 3“, & “2 D E V I L $” we can see why he would be away for awhile. Perhaps this is the best part about CK Noir when he drifts away to focus on his music and not have outside interference having any influences on his music career.

CK Noir has a specific direction for his career to go while his creative mind seems to be working behind the scenes, the fans have many questions as to when his newest music will come out. Yesterday, we got that answer as he released a brand new music video from one of his announced projects. 4 weeks ago it was an announcement, but now it’s a reality for this music video is definitely a step in the right direction for CK Noir as he’s truly making a change to this style, but still appealing to the hardcore fanbase. You have to respect his tenacious of making a new music video (with a second part coming soon) when he was promoting “Henny & Sprite 3” a couple of months ago.

CK Noir & Nikki G; "2 D E V I L $" | Credit: World Watcher Entertainment

CK Noir & Nikki G; “2 D E V I L $” | Credit: World Watcher Entertainment

Honestly, when a visual take is placed onto lyrics from an artist that has a burning passion for telling his story it’s refreshing and will keep his music career alive. Now the video itself has a boastful swagger that makes you want to be CK; yes I said it. Going all the way back to when we first talked about him, look is unique that makes you curious what he’s all about. We know that his hardcore style has a storybase tone and that’s how “2 D E V I L $” is handled although that’s how hip-hop and rap is suppose to be.

So without anymore talk about the music video itself here’s the music video ” 2 D E V I L $” produced by World Watcher Entertainment & shot by, Jimmy James Mahnken;

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