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“Slow Sip” [MV] By: ColdKid (Prod. John Beats)

"Slow Sip" is the latest music video [MV] features from ColdKid's upcoming mixtape "Street Poetry"

Written by J. Johnson

Over the course of 2015, a lot of new music and videos have been released from ColdKid. The upcoming artist has been able to sustain his support with the fans that have been with him from the beginning while the new ones have enjoyed his latest few songs released so far. His dark 90’s style is something you don’t see nowadays in the music scene. As his style is something to appreciate a bit more it seems the artist hasn’t been able to find a foothold on his spot to flow like he should be.

Henny & Sprite” (Vol. I & Vol. II) have been some deep mixtapes for the young artist as he continues to dedicate himself to making his music the talk of tomorrow rather than the past. Even with those previous releases the bar has been set even higher for ColdKid to make better music for the fans to want more and more, but it’s safe to say that with MV releases like “Her” & “Pray For Me” have shown a flexible and visual artist that has found the foothold he’s been looking for. I personally have enjoyed the ride of seeing the evolution of ColdKid as the rookie status is stripped from him, revealing “The Future” nickname dubbed for him almost two years ago.

In his latest MV release “Slow Sip” we get a different side of ColdKid as it seems his relationship is playing a role in his music career. Many artists have been able to use their relationship to further tell their fans who they are like an invitation to know them.

In this video of “Slow Sip” which by the way, comes off the upcoming mixtape “Street Poetry” you can see the visuals are provocative and leaves a lasting impression on the mind as a beautiful girl (although her face is not quite revealed) is rolling around on a bed in her bikini. Not the best sight for most, but for this writer it’s enough to know the direction he’s going in. His lyrical prowess is always praised like I’ve done in the past, in this song the lyrics are great, but needs a bit of sharpening. Even with that being said, you can get the gist of what he’s saying. A woman can change anybody’s life, but it takes a true woman to be that strong woman to stand by her man through the tough times. I respect it and admire the fact that ColdKid has taken an even deeper step hence why the nickname isn’t far from the truth.

If you want to see something completely different from ColdKid then, tune into this MV. “Slow Sip” has the rapping skills, the visuals that will keep eyes wide shut, the lighting as used perfectly, and has that versatility you wanted out of ColdKid. A must watch for fans past and present to see and realize a new direction for the hungry artist.

Here’s the MV “Slow Sip“:

ColdKid’s “Street Poetry” is set to release next year on January 26th! “Pray For Me” & “Slow Sip” will be featured on the mixtape. For more info & updates on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid | RealColdKid

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