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ColdKid ‘Intro’ – Street//Poetry

Written by: J. Johnson

We’ve been fortunate enough to listen to many artist that have a future with music. Our biggest props go to one of a few talented individuals that has been with us from the very beginning. In the span of a year ColdKid, has amassed a following that not only enjoys his music, but the style in which it’s produced. The future is here to stay in the form of ColdKid honestly there’s only a climb to the top for this young artist.

Only two months ago, volume two of ‘Henny & Sprite’ had a different direction for the listener rather than conviction, there’s the ambitious direction for him to show that this is only the beginning for himself and those who have been with him from the start. ‘Henny & Sprite Vol. 2’ featured artists; Jay Milllion, Nino Corleone, Lil Bro. Player Pleasant, Porscha, Young Odyssee, and Reggie along with producing from Riotetti, Xavier Jordan, Inspecta Morze, Tony Mahoney, John Beats, Stwo, and Complex. Each one of these gives that added edge ColdKid fans have been dying for.

When I did review his album I knew there was more. Not saying he held back on lot, but you had to have the feeling that there was more. NOW there seems to be more after releasing a new MV entitled “Her” & a new track “Drill Time” because, yesterday afternoon a little video was released entitled ‘Intro’ from what seems to be a new mixtape on the way… could Street Poetry be the new name?

The song itself had a balance of lyrical and medley prowess. It screamed nothing, but evolution as you can see the way ColdKid has used his style since being into music to showcase his talent. Furthermore ‘Intro’ defines the state of mind he’s in as you can feel the comfortable tone.

You can say what you want about this artist, but ColdKid has taken his projects that have been released with great pride and hardwork. He releases his music making sure it’s up to a standard he, his fans, and other who help is on. I don’t know when ‘Street//Poetry’ will be released, but from the rightfully titled ‘Intro’ track only tells that each song will be carefully done with dedication, passion, and patience.

Henny & Sprite Vol. 2‘ is now available for listen now & also performing at Coast 2 Coast LIVE | Tampa Edition on September 20th, 2015! Don’t forget to cast your votes for him to perform at the Orlando Edition

For more info & updates on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid

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