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“Self Made: The Prologue” CK Noir

Featruing: CK Noir | Designed by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

CK Noir is all about making his name known and with the recent releases these past few months it’s looking to be something he may realize it. When he released his first full production music video “Face Tatz” shot by Canon Jones ft. YZMG Milli, you knew the Noir City leader was ready for a new direction his music career. Like we mentioned before, he took that quote mentioned in an early featured article by spinning it into a track and CK Noir has made gold. The cinematography is amazing as Canon Jones captures the essence of track along with CK & YZMG ripping the track about how much tattoos represent themselves. Tattoos are supposedly taboos, stigmas, or counter-culture avenue for some, but it tells a lot about the individual(s).

You can say that taboo is something CK Noir is used to, but being self-made is an aspect to him that many will not argue you with. He began trying to find his voice and once he did, the wheels began to turn for him. The tape entitled ‘Self-Made’ definitely is the bits and pieces that never made it to the final product. Can’t say this is the shining star CK was hoping to release, but it does beg the question “why he released it?” That answer is easy, he did to show which songs no matter how much of them are great that with enough revisions the bad ones can be spun into gold.

There’s some artist that are featured who worked with CK Noir for a long time, LilPeeRico, LilBro, Player Pleasant, Jay Million. The tracks on the tape are produced by, Bravestarr, Millie Beats, RICANTHADEUS, III Instrumentals, Roman Beats, MB13, & Goddy Beats.

Speaking of Goddy Beats, they help CK with the exclusive from the upcoming Henny & Sprite 3 entitled ‘2 D E V I L $ (The Call)’. That one is different from the rest of the production value of it, but you hear the evolution in how CK has come along from the beginning. Check out the tape for the ‘The Prologue’ title is telling of all as they’re only new tracks to come from the Noir City leader.

Check out his latest tape ‘Self-Made: The Prologue’:

Henny & Sprite 3 has no release date yet but is still in production by Noir City. Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid | RealColdKid.

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