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New Release: ‘The City’ by ColdKid

Coming out the rut he was for roughly 7 to 8 years his love life became an avenue that took his mind off the burdens that bared on his being. No matter his baggage she would only like determine her love for him through other attributes. ColdKid has nothing, but lyrics to drop on the world, coming at you with another single entitled ‘The City’, our prodigy ColdKid comes at you yet again. ColdKid gives you a little insight about what his experiences are like in the city. Listen to the new single to get a feel of classic hip-hop to his own spin of modern hip-hop flavor. Sparx Entertainment will like to present ‘The City’.

Soundcloud: ColdKid

Also read his story: ‘The Real & Cold Kid’ Presented by: Sparx Entertainment

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