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‘A Future That He Is’ – Featuring: ColdKid Presented by: Sparx Entertainment

2nd SPARXFeature, CK Noir | Edited by: The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

Over the course of the year, we’ve been pitching that ColdKid is “The Future”. It’s not that we think that, we honestly have so much faith in him that we look at it that way. For his style, unique look, and most importantly for the fact that he raps for himself and to see that those around him flourish along the road with him. We respect that a lot and it’s been truly an honor to have ColdKid in our Sparx Family.

During the 1st interview ‘The Real ColdKid’, we had the pleasure of talking with ColdKid. He was very honest about his past and what he wanted to succeed in his career. His life was drenched in turmoil, agony, and hope. You see hope like that doesn’t fit, but in that kind of lifestyle you need hope. And that’s exactly what ColdKid did, he found the hope and passion in music only to run with it.

Although this Ohio-native now resides in Florida his mind has been able to expand through many singles and mixtapes.

A year can change the direction for anybody, especially when they have a clear cut goal ahead of them. Now he’s back and we had the honor to learn more about ColdKid. In-depth and on a personal level, so check out the latest interview from “The Future” ColdKid.

SPARX: In the recent interview we had with you we asked, “As an artist, is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish?” Which you replied, “I hope to meet and work with the artists I grew up listening to. I want to tour and spread my message. Worldwide. I want to create a flavor of music that hasn’t been done yet. I don’t want to be on a Kanye or Bieber level, but I want to be known. If this rap shit can make me some cash, I just want enough for me and my people to live comfortably. It’s all about giving back. I’ll keep grinding, we’ll see where it gets me.” — How has that changed and is your mindset in a different realm from before? If it hasn’t what are the steps that you’re going through to accomplish those hopes?

ColdKid: My whole vision and goal as an artist have remained the same. I’m still just tryna make a way for my people to live comfortably, and to guide a lost generation in a more positive direction. I always promised myself since I started that it would never go beyond that with superficial wants, or following trends. I wanna be praised for the artist I am and the message I carried, rather than the money I made doing it. If the money comes, then it’s going into something positive. It’s all about making a positive difference with my efforts.

SPARX: Your life over the years; has that been a motivation enough or is there something that causes you to just go off with the mic?

ColdKid: It’s 100% life experiences that keep me going. Along with my support, and the hunger I have to make a difference. Life is ever changing, there’s always something new to experience. Some good, some bad. So it’s always easy for me to find something I need to get off my chest with my music.

Photography credit: Chelsee | Photo copyrighted.

Photography credit: Chelsee | Photo copyrighted.

SPARX: NC-13? Seeing it so often makes us question it a lot, but does it have some significance to your music career?

ColdKid: I wanna clarify that it’s not a Gang Affiliation, just a team of people I work with/grew up with. It’s an abbreviation for Noir City, and the 13 standing for the last two digits of my home area code 513. It does have a significance because it’s my influence. I make a lot of music based on people I grew up with and the city I was raised in. It’s more so a movement I’m trying to push within my city, rather than a crew.

SPARX: If NC-13 is a music group who are the members and is there any hierarchy in the group, by that I mean, is there one artist that does a little more for the group?

ColdKid: Anyone who fucks with me, and supports me is a part of the movement. I owe a lot to a select few people, shout out to Benzo, Ace, Porscha, and Nino, all my people that have been showing love and helping me piece my past and present projects together. Everyone I work with, I consider part of the team. We all keep the same type of vision and meaning within our music.

SPARX: 8 to 9 months ago, there has seemed to be a more productive ColdKid, why the sudden change?

ColdKid: It’s not that I’m less productive because I’ve recently been working harder than ever. It’s that I’ve been trying to keep my projects low-key and take my time with my music, rather than rushing to push a track out that only a handful of people will listen to. I found out from experience that good art can’t be rushed, so I take my time and have a small circle critique it before I let the world know. Now we’re doing videos, working on merchandise, setting up shows, etc. Really putting in that work for 2015.

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