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SPARX Features Presents: “Cloud Nine” ft. Cloud Carrillo


Official artwork for “Cloud Nine” | Created by The SPARX Team

J. Johnson: I’m sure there are moments where your mind hits a snag or two but ends up getting back on track. What does your mind go through while you write the lyrics for your next project?

If I’m having a hard time writing lyrics I try and not even think about it. I’ll move on to something else and keep my mind off of music for a little bit. Listening to music definitely helps me get back into writing lyrics but if it’s not happening I don’t force it. I like to let my lyrics come to me and almost let them write themselves. If I have something important to say or I feel a strong way about something I usually find myself writing the most. Also, as I mentioned earlier, my tribe brothers definitely inspire me to write more and go harder than ever before.

J. Johnson: Fast forward to 2018, Tribe Chillin returns after a year hiatus, but that’s not all the Tribe has a new track entitled “Pre-98”. Walks us through how you guys decided to come back and what was going through your mind?

Well, we definitely wanted to start it off with a dope song to get everyone’s attention. Not trying to give up too much information, but we did have a few songs to choose from. As a group, we felt that “Pre-98” would be the best song to drop at that time. Also, we had already planned the remix with Flow Simpson and wanted to drop that shortly after. Looking back on it now I think it was a pretty good way to go about it. Keep an eye out for more tribe music coming soon!

J. Johnson: On February 24thof this year, Tribe Chillin appeared on Las Vegas’ local radio station, Waavy FM. How was that experience? Especially sharing it with your brothers and fellow artists?

Man, being on a radio station for the first time was surreal. I still can’t believe that it happened and I can’t thank Waavy FM and their team enough. It was such a fun time and I’m glad I got to experience it with Tribe Chillin.

J. Johnson: After the new single “Pre-98” and appearing on Waavy FM, now we’re on tour, the Northwest So Indie Tour. The tour was sponsored by Keep Records LLC and featured Syntax Vernac, Skywriter, Wormwood, Stay Cool, Antonio Raps, and Tribe Chillin. That must have been such mind-blowing experience. What were the general emotions going through your mind during the tour and did it harden your focus as an artist?

Wow, I can’t even begin to explain what tour did for me as an artist. I loved every moment of the tour and would do it again and again for the rest of my life. A big thank you to Keep Records for inviting us on tour and giving us that experience. I had so many emotions going through my mind the whole tour. Before the tour, I was so excited and nervous. During the tour I was thrilled, and after the tour, I was very satisfied. I’m definitely going to do it all again soon.


Tribe Chillin, from left to right (WAVE MMLZ, Dreamcatcher, ChiefDVB, & Cloud Carillo) | Credit: Wavvy 98

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