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“Best Of…” Jay Park In 2015

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Written by: J. Johnson


A moment when you realize that an artist born in the States of Korean descendant has been able to simply put his mind and God-given talent of musicianship to great use. It took the mixing between the English and Korean language to form international awareness. Jay Park is that rapper, singer, and/or artist who has that lay to claim. But you may ask why? Why has he been recognized for that? Simply put he took his vision like many before him and implemented in what he sought to do. Forming his own music label ‘AOMG’ is only one of many reasons. His talents of dancing only furthers his claim, as before he became a huge success he would participate in dance contest with his dance crew ‘Art Of Movement’.  It was then, he would take his passion of dancing and explored the avenues of music. I can give you a diatribe about Jay Park’s past, but hey there’s outlets to read about that… just saying!

It has come to this! A year’s worth of creation to be displayed in one package. It’s the final countdown (no pun intended) to the new year and we are taking a dance fever look back at one artist of many that has caught our eye. Jay Park! In the year 2015 we seen the young 28 year old CEO become a well-rounded person for the right reasons. One is creation, two is expansion, and the last part and this is the most important for influence. And for that reason we would like to thank Jay Park for providing us along with his AOMG crew some amazing music even if it’s purely in Korean or English (mostly his music is Korean now). Can’t blame the man for wanting to honor his culture in the best possible way!

In discussing Jay Park a lot at the tail-end of 2015 there has been many other songs before that has captured the ears. Here’s the list for the ‘Best Of…” Jay In 2015! (No particular order):

"Worldwide" Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

“Worldwide” Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

I. “MY” (feat. 릴보이 Lil Boi)
It’s an anthem of sorts when you listen this track. May not be a single from Park, but it does evoke an emotion of standing by your people. We hear smash-mouth thuggish side of Jay Park. Could you say that it’s not “put your middle fingers in the sky” as “MY” comes at you wanting to love this song. Out of all the songs released by Park this one is a true favorite and continues to be even as the year ends. Sure 2016, will probably have a new favorite Jay Park track, but “MY” is the song to listen to. The beat used it as well fits perfectly, like the beginning of a gangster movie. Like I said, in at the start it’s an anthem of sorts. Follow that anthem and put those mother… middle fingers in the sky!

"MOMMAE" Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

“MOMMAE” Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

This is song has heavy explicit suggested images and is rated R!

No joking around here, but MOMMAE takes the gold for being a very provocative and explicit for anyone. It does set a tone of him rapping about either the shape of a woman or a the sexiness of a woman, but hey it’s something to think about. The question is: is this song any good? In a word, yes. It’s certainly not going to win any best rap song of 2015 contests, but the beats, however subtle, are infectious and his voice is catchy, too. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not his best song. But it’s a decent one. Ugly Duck guests on the track and his parts are one of the reasons why I like it, as he brings just the right amount of attitude and raps entirely in Korean, so we don’t have to hear lines like “sexy as a lunatic” out of him if we don’t know it.

"Sex Trip" Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

“Sex Trip” Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

III. Sex Trip
AT IT AGAIN! But with this one (coming out after MOMMAE) it’s a slower pace and mellow toned. The English song is exactly what the title says: a sex trip. It is equally as sexy as Jay and a beautiful model dialing up the heat with their sensual moves and hot bodies.

This one isn’t a rap song, but a slow and sultry R&B number that verges on hitting the trip-hop vein. The song had smooth vocals with lots of falsettos Jay is known to do in his slow songs. There is a repeated line throughout the song that goes “your ass will go up and your face will go down” that kind of ties in with song that it is almost not needed but adds a little character to the song. It’s another one Jay’s sensual R&B songs that even exceeded his fans expectations.

"Solo" Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

“Solo” Album art cover | Photo credit: AOMG

IV. Solo
Honestly, “Solo” was a definite surprise given the two songs listed above. It was different than the norms of hardcore rapping and the sexual innuendo songs released in the past. I still don’t understand Korean, so I’m completely basing this off of the melody, and the melody of that part of so soulful and honest I love. MOMMAE & Sex Trip gave off the atmospheric sense to bump and grind in the club opposed to Solo where it’s a song to chill and relax with. Can you say a little ‘Netflix and chill’ vibe and we mean CHILL! You strip away the hardcore style of Jay Park and you still have Jay Park, but a subtle-interesting side to the superstar. The rap towards the end is cool to end the song with, it’s slow tempo is replaced by a quickfire verse, but honestly it makes the song even more interesting.

New years is upon us and all over the world you can feel the excitement. Jay Park I’m can feel that excitement as 2016, may be a year full of surprises in his camp. The list we provide displayed many shades of Jay, but it definitely dawns the talent that the young CEO has when it comes to singing and rapping as an artist. Whether it’s rapping with thuggish tone, flipping the script to sing with that R&B soul, and/or taking his laid back approach Jay Park has his work cut out for him once 2016 hits. One thing you can do is put those middle fingers in the sky to 2015 and cheer for 2016.

WORLDWIDE” by: Jay Park is available now on iTunes which includes personal favorites “MY” & “MOMMAE“. Follow Jay Park on Twitter | InstagramFacebook

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