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SPARX Features Presents: “Cloud Nine” ft. Cloud Carrillo


Official artwork, “Cloud Nine” | Created by The SPARX Team

J. Johnson: Tribe Chillin. When WAVE MMLZ reached out to us back in 2014, we couldn’t allow the chance to work with you guys pass. How/why did you join the group?

Back in 2010-2011 Chief and I actually got together and started making music. A little bit after that we realized Wave was starting to make beats. The three of us decided to create a music group in order to capture our passion for creating music. Shortly after that Vinny officially joined the group after making a few songs with us. We first started as The Tribe, but after a few shows, projects, and songs, people just started calling us Tribe Chillin. Most of us enjoyed the name so we decided to roll with it.

J. Johnson: This group has been very influential to your career, in what way has Tribe Chillin, helped your music career?

I love this group so much and it amazes me the great time we continue to have together. We all have similar goals and lifestyles so I think its easy to travel, work, and hang out together. Everyone helps me in their own way and always challenges me to do better.  It’s all friendly competition but every time I hear a verse from Chief, a beat from Wave, or a chorus from Vinny, I definitely feel the need to come up with something even better.

J. Johnson: The life of an artist can be hectic in some way, describe how it was performing around Vegas with your fellow artists (Tribe Chillin)?

It’s awesome to perform all around my hometown. Being born and raised in Las Vegas has been awesome. It’s crazy to see how big the city is getting and how much talent is here. The local music scene has definitely been getting better every day. So many talented and committed individuals host shows every day of the week all over town from Henderson to downtown to Summerlin. I’m very proud to be an artist from Vegas and I think the city will be known for local talent really soon.


Cloud & Tribe Chillin performing in the Bay Area | Credit: Tribe Chillin

J. Johnson: If we you allow us to, do you mind getting a little personal for a moment? If so, there was a period during the year of 2016-17 that Tribe Chillin didn’t collaborate a little. What was your reason for leaving for the time?

During that time I think we were all just growing up and dealing with a lot of life shit. We definitely were all hanging out and still friends but our schedules were very conflicting. I personally was going to school and got a D.U.I during the summer of 2016. I definitely struggled to make music with a lack of money and rides. I’m thankful for my tribe brothers always helping me out and sticking by my side. I definitely learned from my mistake and encourage everyone to please stay away from drinking and driving. I wouldn’t say I left the group or anything, it was just a time for us to focus on our solo work and get things situated.

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