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‘You’ve Got It’ Cloud Carrillo ft. Haresha

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The desirous artist has released a new single along with another striving artist.

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Sean Wall

Featured this past week, Cloud has released a brand new song. A song that not only describes a few things about romance from the perspective of a young mind. The title song “You’ve Got It” was produced by Sean Kennedy while being mixed and mastered by fellow Tribe Chillin member, ChiefDVB. He would also bring on Haresha to be featured in the song.

In the featured interview, ‘Cloud NineCloud gave us a little insight on his next few projects,

“…I’ll be dropping a single called “You’ve Got It” featuring Haresha on June 22nd. Shortly after that, I’ll be dropping a small project produced by K Bloq. After that, I’ll drop another single “Thanks to you” produced by WaveMMLZ. Visuals will be dropping for both singles correlating with plays and promotion.”

You’ve Got It” delivers a smooth and robust melody with edgy lyrics. At the start of the song, Haresha holds a few notes followed by the rhythmic Cloud rapping about how much the girl he speaks of has his attention. Haresha’s lovely style elevates the song to a new level with her execution of the hook. You have no choice but bop to the beat and sing with her.  There’s not a single second of this song that doesn’t flow together. Mixing the genres of Rap with a little of Pop/R&B will always test an artist, but Cloud and Haresha definitely got it.

Our month Featured Star has been on a roll as of late with the recent touring, production of new songs, and his featured interview. His future looks extremely bright as this song is one of his best to-date. So please take a listen to his latest single, “You’ve Got It“:

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