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SPARX Features Presents: “Cloud Nine” ft. Cloud Carrillo


Official artwork for “Cloud Nine” | Created by The SPARX Team

J. Johnson: The Vegas Golden Knights are officially going to the Stanley Cup. This is a historic moment as not have they have never been to the Stanley Cup but The Golden Knights are a brand new franchise. How has the NHL or the sport of hockey captured your interest?

I would say I started getting interested in hockey about three years ago through video games. I enjoyed playing EA Sports NHL with some of my friends. After playing enough of the NHL game I started to understand the rules and gameplay a lot more. I barely watched a few playoff games with a few buddies of mine but that was pretty much it. About a year later they announced Vegas was getting a hockey team I was pretty excited and thought it would be cool to finally have a pro team. I had no idea that the Golden Knights impact would be this big and important to our city. Everywhere you go around Vegas you’ll see golden knights gear. It’s absolutely amazing the support our city has for them, and I’m so proud to have cheered them on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

J. Johnson: Your support for the Vegas Golden Knights has reached 4K people who share the same ambitions to see them win their first Cup. You, however, created a new track that features Vinny Villz aka Dreamcatcher entitled, “Gold At Night”. What does that song mean to you and what’s the goal?

As my love for the Golden Knights kept growing I decided to help them out with whatever I could. Halfway through the season, I decided to create an anthem that could get locals hyped and ready for games. About two-thirds of the way into the season I realized we were most likely going to make playoffs so I decided to wait until then to drop the song. My goal was to get the song noticed by the Golden Knights and hopefully get it played in at T-Mobile Arena where they play. The song means a lot to me because I did it for the people of Las Vegas and the Golden Knights. Hopefully, it reaches T-Mobile Arena, one of the players, and who knows maybe even the Stanley Cup!!!

J. Johnson: One last question, what does the future hold for Cloud Carillo in terms of life, music, and his career?

Future holds a lot. I mean nobody is promised tomorrow and I keep that in mind. I try to live every day to the fullest and not focus on the past and future too much. My music consists of a few things in the near future. Working on getting some cloud merch for everyone. I’ll be dropping a single called “You’ve Got It” featuring Haresha on June 22nd. Shortly after that, I’ll be dropping a small project produced by K Bloq. After that, I’ll drop another single “Thanks to you” produced by WaveMMLZ. Visuals will be dropping for both singles correlating with plays and promotion. All this music will be available on all streaming platforms.

J. Johnson: Okay, this is the final question. We’ve come to the ending of our interview. We also would like to thank you for your time and pleasure in joining us. Is there anything you would like to say?

Thanks to everyone who’s been rockin’ with Tribe Chillin and I. I’m going to try and make 2018 a great year and give you guys as much music as I can. Thanks to SPARX Entertainment for this opportunity and I hope to keep working with you guys in the future!


Cloud Carillo | Credit: Tribe Chillin

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