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‘XIV:LIX’ Album of MC Jin

MC Jin is an Asian-American rapper born in Miami, Florida only to later live in New York. Being influenced by man east coast artist once he started his career as a rapper. Like all human beings searching for their nitch in the world, Jin would hit a few bumps of success and failures to seriously cause him to think which way he should go next. Jin returned to Asia to build his international fan base. He had the opportunity to star in Chinese film and television, receive various endorsement deals, and release several albums that charted #1 in Hong Kong.

In 2012, MC Jin returned to the U.S. to film Quentin Tarantino’s and RZA’s cult favorite movie, “Man With The Iron Fists.” He has released multiple EPs and singles over the past several years but XIV:LIX will be his first full-length album since returning to the States. Jin will also be starring in the upcoming Martin Scorsese film “Revenge Of The Green Dragons” which releases later this year.

The journey to 14:59 has been a had working venture for the legendary Asian-American rapper MC Jin. In preparation for making this album a reality, the vigorous artist introduces a pledge, calling to all fans to join him said, ‘Journey to 14:59’. In a certain sense, the album can be somewhat of a rebirth for the artist in his rejuvenated career and life.

Today is the culmination of that journey for the dedication he gave to make this album happen for his fans old and new.




1. Ladies and Gentlemen (Prod. by Khoazy & Toestah)    |     2. Comin’ Up (Prod. by Chef Goyar-D)
3. Welcome to the Club feat. Teesa (Prod. by Mighty Mike & Teesa)    |    4. Complicated feat. Hollis (Prod. by M Millz)
5. Carry On (Prod. by Christian Rich)    |     6. Eat, Sleep, and Die (Prod. by Skhye Hutch)
7. Money (Prod. by Khoazy & Toestah)    |    8. Glow feat. Tim Be Told (Prod. by Tim Ouyang)
9. Chinese New Year (Prod. by Chef Goyar-D)   |    10. Fairytales feat. Teesa (Prod. by Mighty Mike & Teesa)
11. Like a Rock feat. Tim Be Told (Prod. by Tim Ouyang)    |    12. Fan Mail (Prod. by Tim Ouyang)
13. Heaven’s Ceiling feat. Bére (Prod. by Raak)    |    14. Welcome Home feat. Bella (Prod. by Mike Dupree & The Supernaturals)
15. Hallelujah (Prod. by James Koo)

Purchase your view own copy of XIV:LIX on iTunes Today!! Join the journey along w/ MC Jin.

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