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WWE: WWE Angry w/ Rey Mysterio For Appearing On Lucha Underground TV

Rey Mysterio has made it clear that he wants out of the WWE, but the company forced an extension onto his original deal because of time missed due to injuries. Despite this, Mysterio sent a video package to the AAA wrestling show “TripleMania” that aired on the same night as WWE’s “SummerSlam,” which included the hashtag #FreeRey. News broke this last week that Mysterio was also in attendance backstage at the “Lucha Underground” television tapings and PWS reported on Sunday that the WWE is furious that he attended the event.

While not really a competitor to the WWE, “Lucha Underground” is the new AAA wrestling television program that will air on the El Rey Network. While the promotion is a Mexican wrestling company focusing on Lucha wrestling, this television program will be an English language program focused on winning over American wrestling fans. Former WWE superstars Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison and Chavo Guerrero are all part of the new endeavor.

Rey Mysterio has also made it clear that, when his WWE contract finally expires, he plans on joining them in AAA. While a WWE wrestler appearing backstage at a wrestling show is not unheard of, the fact that the word leaked out that Mysterio was there is what has the WWE angry. This comes just two months after the Mysterio video aired on the same show that Alberto Del Rio actually ran an angle on, ignoring his no-compete clause with the WWE.

It appears that the relationship between AAA and the WWE will remain rocky. Del Rio has made it clear that he won’t allow the WWE to stop him from working as a wrestler and AAA believes they can use him as they wish, despite the WWE having their no-compete clause in effect. Rey Mysterio also clearly wants out of the WWE and this latest move is likely another way to let the WWE know that he isn’t happy.

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