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“Late Night Affair” CK Noir (Review)

Credit: Noir City

Written by Sean Wall

He’s back! It seems like a very long time since the young artist known as CK Noir (formerly ColdKid) has introduced new musical content to his fans. Yes, the Floridian artist has a loyal fan base that expects him to elevate himself to new heights. However, that’s all up to CK himself to fulfill that expectation. Fortunate for us we were able to obtain a special release from a mini mixtape entitled “Late Night Affair”. The name is definitely holding a different meaning to what’s on the tape itself, as CK tends to produce the singles to reflect the title.

As of late his music has started to resonate with a core audience that loves when Hip-Hop/Rap has a meaning to the lyrics. You can become popular off of rapping about nothing, but it takes a true artist to make his/her lyrics mean something. Even as he released this to set his fans at ease there’s something to this mixtape as a late night affair could mean anything.

Late Night Affair” consist of 6 tracks, produced by CK Noir, Bravestarr, Goddy Beats, & PittThatKid. “Relenthless”, “Speakerboxx Love”, “2 D E V I L $ (The Call)“, “V L O N E”, “106&Park/PND Interlude”, and “2 D E V I L $” (pt. II). “2 D E V I L $” was previously released, but it was debuted as a music video. Like previously mentioned by fellow writer, J. Johnson “Now the video itself has a boastful swagger that makes you want to be CK; yes I said it. Going all the way back to when we first talked about him, his look is unique that makes you curious what he’s all about.” Each track has a spin of an ease and bass flow driven rhythm that you can easily tell that this it’s for relaxation and thinking. You may not like rap that has meaning, but one track that stood out was ‘Speakerboxx Love‘ as it does speak again to a different side of CK. Most would think the dark-hardcore rap artist is all depressive messages, but this actually has a love based flow to it with a sick beat that will get you hooked once it starts. Bravo to BraveStarr for that delivery didn’t see that coming at all.

Now that CK Noir has released another mixtape the question remains the same like always. Will CK Noir be releasing an EP someday or possibly an album? Only the man himself (CK Noir) has the answer to that. We have been getting teased with “Henny & Sprite Vol. 3”, but it seems like it in development and that’s may be the next move. Nevertheless enjoy “Late Night Affair” try listening to ‘2 D E V I L $” pt. 2 it’s like a continuation of the boastful swag that defines CK Noir or maybe you want to head back to the ‘106&Park/PND Interlude’ as it makes you feel think about the relationship you have with someone special. Also you have to listen to CK Noir tear the song a part with the last verse, he’s killing it.

Don’t forget to follow CK Noir on his Instagram, Twitter, & SoundCloud:  nc13_ck | @_ColdKid | ColdKid |RealColdKid.

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  1. Konflict // August 4, 2016 at 2:39 PM //

    Definitely one of the most underrated artists i know, and im proud to call him my friend 💯


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