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‘House Of Cards’ (2016): Underwood 2016

President Frank Underwood delivered a special message to “House of Cards” fans during the first commercial break of the Republican debate on Tuesday night.

The short teaser trailer, which could have easily been confused for some vague political ad prior to the appearance of Kevin Spacey, didn’t give much away about the upcoming fourth season of the popular Netflix series, but it did offer up a premiere date.

“America, I’m only getting started,” he promises in the video.

“House of Cards” Season 3 hit Netflix in February 2015, and left the Underwood and his wife Claire in terrible marital strain, just before the homestretch of the President’s reelection campaign. The “Meet Claire” section of the campaign website leads to a “page not found” error, suggesting that their troubles will continue into the new season.

“Scream” actress Neve Campbell was confirmed for a recurring role in the fourth season, reportedly playing the wife of a rival candidate that challenges the Underwoods. She joins presumed regulars Michael Kelly, Molly Parker, Mahershala Ali and Nathan Darrow.

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