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House Of Cards (2016): Frank Underwood Is The Leader We Deserve

Credit: Netflix

Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood is stumping for your vote in a new House of Cards promo that debuted last night during the Golden Globes. This follows the previous teaser which debuted during the GOP debate back in December. All-new episodes of House of Cards launch this spring on Netflix. And Frank promises we’re going to get the leader we deserve. Here is his latest state of the union address.

“They say we get the leaders we deserve. Well, here’s what I think America deserves. A leader who is not afraid to look you in the eye. Tell you what he believes. I believe in putting people first. I believe in putting America back on track. I believe in opening doors. And I’m willing to work with both sides so that we all get what we want. I’m a humble man. I’ve never forgotten where I come from. I’ve taken my licks. And I’ve never taken your support for granted. I believe in pointing people in the right direction. But in the end, we should be free to make our own decisions. They say we get the leaders we deserve. I think America deserves Frank Underwood. And in your heart, you know I’m right.”

It’s a new day in America. Vote for Frank Underwood in 2016! That’s the message behind House of Cards Season 4. This year, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is hitting the campaign trail for his 2016 Presidential re-election. He began stumping for your vote last year with a new ‘F.U. in 2016’ poster and a new viral website, which you can check out here. Frank also delivered his words of hope for America.

“PROGRESS. FORWARD MOMENTUM. GETTING THINGS DONE. These are my mottos. I have no patience for useless things – like political gridlock and stagnation. And neither should you. Join me. Let’s roll up our sleeves together. Let’s plow through the stubborn and small-minded and send Washington a message loud and clear. F.U. 2016. President of the United States of America.”

House of Cards Season 4 will return for another 13 episode run on March 4. This latest trailer arrives as the real 2016 campaign trail continues to heat up in America. The sly, murderous Underwood seemed to have lost his evil edge in House of Cards Season 3. He just hasn’t shoved anyone in front of a moving train or staged a suicide lately. This latest trailer teases that it is all coming back. While this teaser promises sunnier, happier times, we all know that Francis is at his best during the darkest of times. Be sure to vote F.U. in 2016!

Source(s): Netflix

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