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‘8 Crews & 1 Champion’ – McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II

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We were treated to a sort of ‘All-Star Round’ w/ an Emcee Battle & the All-Style Dance Battle. Giving the spirit of the show being a battle, there was an MC Battle and out of all the MCs on-stage the MC Osyris Antham took home the ‘Emcee Battle Championship’. The other emcees (Jadon and Henny Mack) give Osyris a tough battle, but I think the crowd was looking for someone who delivered rather than just destroy his opponents. The ‘All-Style Dance Battle’ give audience members a chance to come on-stage to show their moves. Honestly, there’s a lot of talent for dancing, especially with the little man (age 7) that killed the competition even though Franklin G. Chen a known b-boy was in that mini-competition. Nevertheless, each competitor gave it their all, but it seemed that next gen of b-boy in that talented young man was bestowed upon him to win the battle.

JUDGE(s) Note: Nemesis broke into the scene at 16 but didn’t stop a year or two after that His continued dedication to the breaking scene can be seen as he became a member of NYC’s most reputable crews of the new b-boy era; ‘Breaks Kru’. Being one of the skilled and well-respected b-boys Nemesis, has been able to travel around the U.S. to compete in various events and establishing a name that can be recognized in many corners of the country.

The semi-finals were definitely something that from the first, four rounds you could the sense of laying everything on the line here. The rounds were extended to 6 minutes for each of the rounds. Team Entrée vs. 5 Crew Dynasty round displayed the continuity of each crew member and brought the teams together. The words impressive, intensity, intriguing, & flexibility came to mind from that battle. Team Entrée took the win in this round to move to the finals.

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2nd round of the semifinals were the crews of Beast Coast vs. Dynamic Rockers, now this battle took creativity to a whole new level. Like the last round, the intensity factor was brought in. At the end of the battle, Nemesis took the words out of my mouth while the crews displayed nothing, but dominance. It shifted back and forth between each. That’s the dance battles that are enjoyable. The judges went w/ Beast Coast to win this round.

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