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‘8 Crews & 1 Champion’ – McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II

Great at what you do.

Only some are able to say they are. It’s something that everyone who has an aspiration to be something in their life wants to obtain. Some do it by hard work in the right and others do it another way to shoot themselves in the spotlight to say their “great”. Truthfully that can be debated because either way, it’s still hard work involved. Singing, acting, drawing, painting, cooking, and even dancing has that level; that room to stretch your knowledge to be better and better each day that passes by.

We know that we’ve been beating this competition to death with articles about the adventures we had, but it’s more than just seeing and talking to those who were there. It’s simply about the passion that we wanted to see on-stage. It’s the intangible feeling that we felt (as the audience) watching those dancers (b-boys & b-girls) take the hard work they crafted into greatness. Some on that stage have been performing for 5, 10, 15, & even 20 years of their life. It’s impressive when you hear it, but seeing those years not being wasted in this competition was nothing like we ever seen before.

8 crews w/ three members representing putting their passion up for a chance to win a grand prize. Like it said, “They’ve battled across nations and continents… Now they return to the city where it all began. To face off in the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!”

You may say to yourself there are other events out there that has a caliber reputation to be called the ultimate showdown, but it felt like the ultimate showdown and each crew danced like it was the last and only dance battle they would ever have.

Photo credit: Andrew Kao | Sparx Entertainment - 2015©

Photo credit: Andrew Kao | Sparx Entertainment – 2015©

At first, the anxiety was already building as this was the first time we legit felt official being there (thank you Joanna Lin of IW Group Inc.) All that went away w/ the help of some new friends and a familiar face that we now call friends in the Sparx family. Getting pass that feeling of being in front of a camera can weigh itself on you until you realize that all these dancers and even the hosts probably go through the same feeling even though the experience factor is on their side.

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