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‘8 Crews & 1 Champion’ – McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II

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Round 1 featured, Team Entrée vs. Silverback Young Bloods which if I may add was greatly shown through Team Entrée’s capability of working together. Silverback made the effort of heading into the round by showing off their singles performances (which was amazing), but unfortunately, the judges didn’t feel like it was as strong, giving Team Entrée the ‘w’ to move onto the semi-finals.

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JUDGE(s) Note: Yansen growing up was inspired by his friend in high school doing headspins. After that breaking became a lifestyle for this amazing b-boy. He’s affiliated with the super b-boy crew ‘X-Fenz’. Now that b-boy has been able to help him in many ways Yansen, is now traveling across the U.S. to display his talent and inspire other through competitions and shows.

Round 2 & 3 has some twist and turns to them, giving an interesting flavor to the moves. Titanz vs. 5 Crew Dynasty kicked off the interesting flare as two members in Titanz did some intriguing move that raised eyebrows, but hey b-boy use their brains to be innovative so it was all good. Unfortunately ‘5 Crew Dynasty’ to the win. One of the judges made reference to the battle like the “beef” between musicians Drake/Meek Mills. Need we say more?  Prior to the show, we interviewed Lionz of Zion member Atomic Goofball to which he told us that their style of dancing is weird and innovative. You could only wonder what was going through our minds as they performed on stage. They prove that even though the floor was taken over by Dynamic Rockers, but the judges was at a standstill as to who won. The battle continued into a ‘2-min overtime battle’ which even then, the audience wanted to see Lionz of Zion take the win. Each time Dynamic Rockers would hit them with something, LOZ came back with something harder. You had that feeling like it was a friendly rivalry that both crews were laying down. In the end, the judges picked Dynamic Rockers to win the round.

In round 4 it was definitely a safe bet that both teams would send out their best moves in the finals minutes. Supreme Beingz vs. Beast Coast made for a good final battle. It was the feel-good battle of them all actually. We interviewed ‘Whorah’ of Beast Coast before the show began and he felt pretty confident taking home the championship. Assuring us that we had to see what was going to happen on stage. The judges definitely pointed out the fact that each team displayed a united style. Judges at the end picked Beast Coast to win as the teams just gave the audience a good show.

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JUDGE(s) Note: Queen N.V. was reppin’ the b-girls in the audience and around the world that night as being the only female b-girl judging the event. Nevertheless her moves prove why she has the name she does. Meaning ‘No Victory’, she doesn’t allow her opponents to get any victory over her. Although she breaking her education doesn’t fall short as she’s pursing a PhD in Stem Cell Biology at MIT. She’s a member of the respected Florox crew.

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