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‘Your Smile’ Nikki Phoenix ft. JackEL

The EDM scene is hitting its golden age. And the hot spot LAS VEGAS.

JackEL a DJ from Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada) has been able to accomplish that for his general expression of music. As he like to be referred to be a ‘Musical Leader, Sound Enthusiast’, DJ, and Producer the young talented music connoisseur has explored many avenues of the music industry. The young artist has been able to capture a fanbase that supports his music throughout the beginning of his career. Even with that as the new year here he looks to make the next big leap in his music career.

Then, we have the beautiful and talented star Nikki Phoenix has been able to make her way through the scene of EDM as she mainly does duo songs with JackEL. Their recent hit was the extraordinary single ‘Ballroom Zombies‘. Not only can Phoenix hold a tune for a full length song she can produce some great music for her fans. Her talents don’t stop with her mind and heart as a song producer and humanitarian. Phoenix has the art of modeling along with her music career. Her beauty is the perfect partner with her talent in the music industry.

You put these two together and you have a recipe for great success.

This past Monday, ‘Your Smile‘ was made available. The single is definitely full of the excitement that you would expect. From the beginning as it prepares you for the ride of a life time. The bass kicks in giving you a reason to want to listen even further. Music never sounded so great with the angelic voice of Phoenix and the mixing dedication of JackEL. These two are a match made in heaven for the EDM scene.

One message is definitely clear, to never stop smiling.

Take a listen to the newest song on their soundcloud JackELdPhoenix

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