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‘Dimension W’ (S1 E4 – ‘The Mystery Hidden in Lake Yasogami’) Review

Credit: FUNimation; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by UkNO

You wouldn’t have a sci-fi series without having the one concept that elevates it to a new imaginary level… Yes, we have ghosts! And to much surprise after seeing it all from movies on the big screen it interesting for this series. It’s even more interesting since Mira cannot display the image of what she saw either. Talk about a shot in the dark (all puns included). The focus of this episode is mainly placed on the death that occurred in episode 3, also related to the mission given to Kyoma and Mira by New Tesla.

Shijuro Sakaki is the victim and a novelist at heart, but the cause of death is even more shrouded in mystery. Everything takes a hard left as Kyoma and Mira get to the hotel, we have the sci-fi elements of robots, energy, and coils. However, this episode hits the horror element of supernatural right on its head. Most fans of the show would say “Why, add the supernatural elements, as it will ruin the impact of the show?” Honestly, it wouldn’t ruin the series as adds it shows the author is willing to go outside his or her boundaries for the sake of creativity.

Some of the characters we get introduced to this episode give off a negative feeling as if they know something. Elizabeth Greenhough Smith has the appearance of a character that will have some recurring roles in the series. Even the music was taken to the level of trying to make your hairs stand up, with that eerie vibe. Chills running down my spine as I recall it right now. Once again Dimension W holds strong as the animation is great as a mini-fight breakout between Albert Schumann and Kyoma after an exchanging of a few words. We find out Albert is also a Beast of Grendel, which makes you wonder who else is a Beast of Grendel.

Kick off the elements of mystery with all that happens in the next few scenes. The inclusion of numbers become a visible clue about the mystery as Kyoma and Mira investigate the lake to solve the death. Every incident that happened was due to numbers going out of control, which lead to accidents and deaths of people from 21 years ago.

As the episode progresses it turns out the “Ghosts” are a manifestation of Dimension W reliving the event from 21 years ago. Some people were bringing numbers with them, which explains the situation as a whole as well as Mira’s situation. Looks like the shady bunch from the hotel has made their move when another drowning occurs, it reveals Elizabeth is after numbers.

Reaching the end of the episode turns out the dreams of Marisa Sakaki were connected to the other side. Many will wonder if the ‘dreams’ is actually referring to Dimension W, but it ties into their objective. Mira finally relives the events from 21 years ago, but her meeting someone who seems to be Sakaki is the biggest cliffhanger of all. You’re left with a lot of questions as to what may happen next, in our attempt to play “Catch-up”  for Dimension W episode 5 will be next!

Rating: A

UkNO signing off! Until Episode 5: “The Possibilities of the Dead”

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