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World B-Boy Battle X SPARX

Image credit: World Bboy Battle; Designed by The SPARX Team

Image credit: World Bboy Battle; Designed by The SPARX Team

As of February 5th, 2016

Sparx Entertainment has officially partnered up with ‘World B-Boy Battle’. In 2015, we were fortunate enough to work with McDonald’s Tri-State, a franchise of McDonald’s restaurants of the New York Tri-State & IW Group Inc., a leading advertising & public relations agency for Asian Americans also stationed in West Hollywood. IW Group Inc. also has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, & San Francisco. They partnered up to work on the 2nd annual ‘McDonald’s Bboy Royale’ event during the summer month of August. We were invited to attend the event, but our role was that of the media. Throughout the night, we met and spoke with a lot of talented individuals. From the dancers to the staff to get a hands-on experience how things were run. It was a great gift for us as a company that next year we intend for the coverage to be bolder.

We would get the same opportunity four months later as we were invited to attend upcoming independent promotion, Tier 1 Wrestling. Tier 1 Wrestling is founded in New York, but hold shows throughout the New York region (mainly Long Island & the boroughs). With a deep roster of wrestlers from all walks of life, Tier 1 is on the rise to becoming a dominant New York force in independent wrestling. During the ‘Rise Or Die Trying’ event on December 4th, we approached it with the same eagerness. A yearning to learn how the wrestling business was run, but we had a different tactic as it helped capture a lot of content we didn’t experience before. Our photographer, Andrew Kao has been a valuable asset to SPARX with his unique approach that captures the subject. He’s done that greatly with this past event and we know he’ll do just that in the events that will follow. Take a look at his latest album from Tier 1 Wrestling’s event ‘Rise Or Die Trying’

After those two events, we set a goal for ourselves in 2016, which was to ensure a dynamic way to deliver content. We are scheduled to attend an event for the upcoming Spring season. Tier 1 Wrestling presents: ‘March to Victory’ on March 20th. Both are clearly wrestling events as it will expand our focus on the wrestling scene, with more in-depth content and interactions. Even though this isn’t about our ventures of attending past events. We’ve recently acquired a significant partnership with the world’s leading.

Even though this isn’t about our ventures of attending past events. We’ve recently acquired a significant media partnership with a prominent breakdancing company based in New York City. They call themselves ‘World Bboy Battle’.

About ‘World Bboy Battle’:

Welcome To World Bboy Battle,

Credit: World Bboy Battle

Credit: World Bboy Battle

World Bboy Battle is a Pro Extreme Breakdancing Sports and Entertainment Production Company based in NYC dedicated to providing young people and communities with positive sport and lifestyle opportunities and to promote the principles and values of good sportsmanship. We also call this sport Bboy Sports and Breaking Sports. As the number 1 producer of Pro Extreme Breakdancing Sports competitions in the world, we invite you to participate in our events, either as a competitor or a fan.

World Bboy Battle competitions are an extremely demanding test for the world’s best Bboy Athletes and a thrilling sports experience for spectators.” —Frank Hernandez, Founder of World Bboy Battle

For more information about World Bboy Battle & the Extreme Breakdancing Championships, please visit:

World Bboy Battle, will be holding a two-day tournament event that promises non-stop action, leaving you breathless. May 14th’s Qualifiers event will feature Pro Bboy Athletes from all over the world will be competing for the 16 spots to advance to the Championships the next day at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center for an 8-hour event that will be nothing short of nonstop and innovative. On May 15th, in the ‘Championship Rounds,’ the Pros will leave it all on the line as they wow the audience with innovative moves, dedicated athletes, and a rush of adrenaline to become the 2016 WWB Extreme Breakdancing Champions! We will be attending both events as you’ll get that in-depth look of the excitement that will amaze us. Get your tickets today by clicking here! You don’t want to miss these events. Don’t forget to view a breakdown of last event below:

Video courtesy: YAKfilms

With this opportunity, we will work closely with ‘World Bboy Battle’ events that occur in the near future. Building a relationship on this scale is monumental to a successful dynamic delivery for both parties involved. We know they’ve strived to be the best they are and we will do the same. Our special thanks to World Bboy Battle for this wonderful opportunity. Cheers to a successful partnership going forward.

DeShawn J. Ellis, Co-Founder/CEO/President of Sparx Entertainment

Don’t forget to follow World Bboy Battle on their social media outlets for more breakdancing:
worldbboystate | @worldbboystate | worldbboystatetv | worldbboybattle (IG)

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