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The 2016 SPARX Initiative

Credit: The SPARX Team

Credit: The SPARX Team

The year 2015 has been a real opportunity to expand our view of the vast world of entertainment. We ventured into the world of music to view many aspiring artists that want nothing but to see their passions shared with the world. Follow that with the undertaking of the innovative rising of the dance scene across the world, but mostly in NYC. We even saw the indie circuit of the wrestling world as these individuals continue to live their dream to be a professional wrestler. It’s an eye-opening experience for us and like we had those opportunities in 2015 we want to expand on that in 2016.

In what we call the ‘2016 SPARX Initiative’, we have 6 major announcements detailing some of our maneuvers for the coming year. Our initial goal is to expand the content bar for us. We will cut the mainstream entertainment news from the 90% mark to a drop of 42%. It’s a move for us to deliver a uniqueness that many others don’t do too much. You can get the updates about the new “Jurassic Park” movie from anywhere, but we want to deliver a great experience where we create something that will leave an impression for all. Don’t get us wrong some of the mainstream entertainment news has gotten us to where we are at right now, but it’s not helping us break the “glass ceiling” we set. Our mission statement is:

“To deliver the upcoming stars of tomorrow from all aspects of entertainment. We want to drive a contemporary outlet for you, the readers and Sparx fans, whether it be through the sights and sounds Sparx Entertainment. Our intent is to build a cutting-edge experience for viewing and reading pleasure.”

2016 will create those cutting-edge experiences from our outlets on YouTube, Instagram, and here on the site. The original content of our features has been one avenue to deliver a first-hand experience for artists, singers, and entertainers to show the people around the world what drives their passion.

What all that said, here’s the official reveal for the ‘2016 SPARX Initiative’ with each being a major step. Some details about our approach are not available at this time as we have a few projects in the work in between the ones shown:

All 6 initiatives are to expand the ventures for us to create an experience that is in a uniqueness of our own. | Credit: The SPARX Team

All 6 initiatives are to expand the ventures for us to create an experience that is in a uniqueness of our own. | Credit: The SPARX Team

SPARX™ Magazine (2016): Our signature announcement was earlier this year as we intend to deliver a unique and approachable magazine that has no gossip column and pure focus on the prime topic. Everyone has a passion you know. SPARX™ will be the first issue to make ordinary, the ordinary of tomorrow’s mainstream. The release date is set for a mid-year time so keep your eyes open.

Visit the official page: for more details

Tier 1 Wrestling: Earlier in this month we formed a working relationship with local NY wrestling promotion ‘Tier 1 Wrestling’. Their mission is to become the top wrestling promotion in the world. A huge feat as we admire the drive from management to the roster for their passion of wrestling in front of hundreds and hundreds of people. In 2016, we will deliver more content for the promotion that consist of live updates, live results, inside interviews, and moments that Sparx Entertainment will reveal. We are extremely excited as this the first entity of many to build the Sparx family. We hope you enjoy the upcoming ventures that lie ahead.

Visit our events page to see our coverage of Tier 1’s recent event: ‘Rise Or Die Trying‘ coverage

SPARX Pictures: Our photographer/video recording Andrew Kao & Donald Watson has gotten much praise for their work, done at the two events we attended this year. As Kao does most of the photography and Watson handles the video recording it’s time we create a division for all this. In 2016, we will add Jeremy Kao as the Graphic Designer to form the ‘SPARX Pictures’ division. The overall scope will create and tend to the YouTube & Instagram outlets to deliver our upcoming videos, photos, and clips for the SPARX fans.

Visit Andrew Kao’s album from T1W ‘Rise Or Die Trying & McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II events, our YouTube channel to view our video interviews

Affiliation Group: With our working relationship with Tier 1 we decided it’s best to create our own affiliation campaign. It’s an innovative way to bring creative minds together and help one another to strive for success. We have an open-door policy with it comes to creativity, it’s a philosophy that exist in Sparx Entertainment to help us grow. So we want any company on the rise to join us and strive together and create a unique family beyond 2016.

Please email us at

LOCALS: NY (2016): One of many series we have ready to debut is exclusive to the YouTube channel. Every individual has a passion in life, whether it’s a short-lived or a long term passion that they want to make their life’s goal. We want to share that with the world and give those individuals a chance to show why their passion in life defines them as a person. From artist to entertainers the intent is to drive the support for them in every step. This coming year we do not think about the international appeal of passion, but the local passion from those who want to succeed.

Check out a passionate dancer that has a clothing line called “RAHW BREED” and still loves the styling of competing in the NY area, his name is Richard “Whorah” Reategui

The 1st Annual Sparx Awards (2016): Even with our original debut set for November this year, we, unfortunately, had to postpone our event for a later date. November was still in the time frame it was the year, so 2016 will be the year we see the inception of the inaugural event. The Sparx Awards are all the greatness that is the aspiring talented individual getting a shot to grab that golden accomplishment and motivating them for even more. For not only is the Sparx Awards an event to give a big thank, but an admiration from us saying we want nothing more, but for your success and we’re here in support for you.

Visit the official page for the Sparx Awards to know the nominees and to vote as the polls are still open

The message is clear, we aim for 2016 to be the year of prosperity and expansion for not only us but for the ones that join the family. Our mission has never changed to deliver an innovative experience, we see that clearly in 2016. We thank you for taking the time to read up on the ‘2016 SPARX Initiative’ as we hope you enjoy the content to come.

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