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‘UNCENSORED’ – Featuring: JackEL Presented by: Sparx Entertainment

A disc jockey or a DJ, is an individual who provides entertainment by playing recorded music. There are several different types of DJs, such as club, mobile, and radio. Although each type of DJ performs in different venues and plays different styles of music, they all share many of the same duties. The most important duty of a DJ is providing entertainment. However, being familiar with equipment and music are two duties that are also very important.
Keeping people entertained is the most important duty of a DJ.

A radio DJ as well as a mobile DJ will often take audience requests and usually stick to a specific genre of music. A club DJ, however, will usually not take audience requests and usually samples different songs and sounds to create a mix that will keep people dancing.

Seasoned radio and club DJs typically have a loyal fan base that they have built up over time because of the great entertainment they provide. Mobile DJs rely heavily on word of mouth from satisfied customers and therefore must keep event goers entertained.

JackEL a DJ from Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada) has been able to accomplish that for his general expression of music. As he like to be referred to be a ‘Musical Leader, Sound Enthusiast’, DJ, and Producer the young talented music connoisseur has explored many avenues of the music industry. The young artist has been able to capture a fanbase that supports his music throughout the beginning of his career. Even with that as the new year here he looks to make the next big leap in his music career.

Here’s a little taste of what he can do along with DJ Fame entitled ‘Coco’ (JackEL/FAME/Rawke Remix):

That’s just a taste of what JackEL has for the mass of fans that supports him. We were able to catch up with the man himself for a little interview.

Q: What is your name, and name your group/band/act?

My name is Jack, but I rarely hear that anymore. Almost everyone calls me JackEL even my grandparents and most of my family.

Q: Where are you from? How did you get your name?

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but moved to New Orleans before I turned one. I lived in New Orleans until I was seven and then moved back to Edmonton. I moved to Vegas when I was sixteen.

I was original DJ Bomb, and I got that because people used to call me Jack The Bomb Lozeron. I used that DJ name for a while, but when I really got into production I turned my name into Romboy because I didn’t want DJ in my name anymore. When I moved to Las Vegas, I changed my name to JackEL as soon as I got here, because I was prepared to start new in a new city, but with knowledge and skill now.

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